Structure of the Australian Marketing Institute


The AMI Board

Deputy Chair

Andrew Thornton FAMI CPM   


Nicholas Ridis FAMI CPM   


Lynda Cavalera  FAMI  


Mona Lolas FAMI CPM 


Nick Kariotoglou FAMI CPM    

Company Secretary

Narendra Prasad, Acting GM, CFO


John Clay FAMI CPM 

WATCH: AMI Board Directors sharing their views on the future of the AMI and reflecting on current marketing trends.

The AMI State Chairs

Chair ACT State Committee

Penny Davy-Whyte AMAMI CPM 

Chair SA State Committee

Meredith Waterhouse AMAMI  

Chair TAS State Committee

Adrian Pursell AMAMI CPM  

Chair WA State Committee

Ralph Bates AMAMI CPM  

Chair NSW State Committee

Melanie Lindquist AMAMI CPM   

Chair QLD State Committee

Demetri Hughes FAMI CPM   

Chair VIC State Committee

Nina Christian AMAMI CPM