As a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM), you hold the peak professional designation for Marketing in Australia.

Did you know that all CPMs are required to undertake a minimum of 100 hrs (that’s around 33hrs a year) of Professional Maintenance Program (PMP) over a three-year period to maintain your certification?

Continuing your learning and development will fuel progress in your career.

How to Maintain Your CPM Status

Your PMP needs to be made up of structured learning such as CPM workshops, tertiary study, marketing forums and management training.

When you have undertaken one of these then complete and submit the PMP form outlining the details of your hours. Please return to PMP is subject to random auditing and must meet the criteria and policies set by the Australian Marketing Institute Accreditation and Endorsement Board Committee.

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Want to become a CPM?

CPM certification is based on both quantitative and qualitative assessments of career achievements, work history and education. To be successful, you must accumulate 650 points across all three areas. READ MORE

If you don’t have enough points, there are plenty of opportunities to gain them by attending free webinars for AMI members. Have a look at some of our upcoming webinars to get inspired.