Investing in the talent of our future marketing leaders

The AMI Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program provides aspiring emerging marketers with an opportunity to connect with senior marketing professionals, get valuable insight into the industry and develop their skills to give them a competitive edge in their career.

Our mentors are Certified Practising Marketers who work across Marketing & Communications, Advertising, Media, and Professional Services. 

Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the 2022 Program are now open!

We are proud of the community of marketing mentors, academic partners, and committee members who have supported the AMI Emerging Marketers Program during the last ten years. Over 150 people have invested in providing opportunities for emerging marketers to develop their skills and get valuable insights into the industry and their careers.

2021 Emerging Marketers Program Fact Sheet

The AMI’s Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program is a 7 month mentoring program designed to connect senior marketers with Australia’s emerging marketing talent. 

Program Location

The AMI mentoring community has active Emerging Marketer networks in South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Queensland.

For those in Tasmania and the Northern Territory, the AMI offers mentoring via virtual platform and management by an affiliate state.

What is the commitment?

  • Length of program: seven months
  • Frequency of contact: monthly (minimum)
  • Commitment: 2 hours per month (more if suitable)
  • Recommended mode of contact: face to face, virtual, phone, email
  • Program interaction

Program Inclusions

  • Paired exclusively with a mentor/mentee for the duration of the program
  • Program meet and greet event in each active state
  • Online learning platform containing; advice, tools and discussion points designed to enhance the mentor/mentee relationship
  • Nationwide virtual launch event

    Focus topics

    Program participants can determine their own direction of mentoring, however, the program will provide guidance focusing on 6 main areas: Self Assessment, Career Planning, Personal Brand, Networking Skills, Work/Life Balance and Workplace Politics.

    2021 Program Timeline

    • November 2020 – Call for Mentors
    • February 2021 – Emerging Marketer of the Year submissions open
    • February 2021 – Mentee applications open
    • April 2021 – Program launch
    • June 2021 – Nationwide virtual conference
    • July to August 2021 – Emerging Marketer of the Year finalists announced
    • October 2021 – Emerging Marketer of the Year announced at Marketing Excellence Gala
    • November 2021 – Nationwide virtual program wrap up event

    For Mentees


    • Exclusive connection with a senior marketer who can provide professional guidance and support for the duration of the program
    • Access to the online Mentoring Hub with content, activities and discussion points
    • Skills to support advancement to the next stage in your career
    • Actionable career insights into industry trends and the changing social and digital landscape
    • Network with your peers and marketers across different industries and sectors
    • Exclusive nationwide Virtual Conference featuring talks and facilitated discussions
    • Online forums to connect, engage and knowledge-share with other participants
    • Guided discussion topics relevant to progressing careers
    • Discounts on AMI curated workshops
    • Eligibility to enter as an Emerging Marketer of the Year applicant in the 2022 AMI Awards for Marketing Excellence


    2022 Applications

    Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the 2022 Program are now open. Please, choose your location below to apply.

    Mentor Applications

    Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the 2022 Program are now open. To apply, choose your location below:

    For Mentors


    • Develop your skills to become a better mentor
    • Connect with the future marketing leaders of tomorrow
    • Network with emerging and senior marketers across different industries and sectors
    • Feel the challenge and excitement of working with a passionate marketer
    • Earn qualifying hours towards maintaining your Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) status
    • Experience the reward of helping someone be the best marketer they can be



    Our 2020 Mentors


    AMI Mentors are senior marketing professionals who are qualified Certified Practising Marketers. The CPM title is earned through ethical behaviour, depth of experience and currency of knowledge. But most of all, it’s the respected sign of distinction of a Marketing Professional who continually strives to further the practice through leadership and innovation through continuous learning. In 2020 the Mentors were:



    Pamela Bishop

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Jacqui Roth

    Senior Brand Manager

    Jemma Knight

    Marketing Manager

    Jackie Chung

    Brand Manager 

    Jay Wheeler

    Senior Marketing Manager


    Shey Dimon

    Marketing & Communications Manager

    Shileen Costain

    Head of Partnerships


    Mark Khademi

    Head of Digital Marketing



    Meredith Waterhouse

    National Marketing Executive 

    Agota Berces

    Business Manager

    Jane Hillsdon

    Managing Director

    Kristy Atkins

    Managing Director




    Emerging Marketing Mentoring Program Participants

    Jane Hillsdon

    Dragonfly Marketing

    2020 Mentor

    “One of the best things about being a mentor in the AMI Emerging Marketers program is that I have the great fortune of working closely with the next generation of ambitious and talented marketers. It’s a really rewarding experience to be able to provide guidance to someone at the beginning of their career. I also learned a lot about how as a senior marketer, I can help to provide the leadership and support that will be valuable to the marketers of the future to help them succeed.”

    Mehreen Lamba

    Gripset Industries

    2019 Mentee

    “Being a part of this program was such an incredible journey and honour, magnified by having such a strong and inspirational man like Wallace Long at the helm! When I first joined the program, I hoped for instant answers to dilemmas about the future. Rather than mapping out one direct path, the program has instead served a much broader purpose. It has given me valuable tools to make the most of all career as well as business opportunities and to become my own agent for change.”

    Kristie Atkins


    2020 Mentor

    “Not only is mentoring a great way to give back to the profession, it ensures you are building strong connections with the next generation of marketing leaders. AMI brings great structure to and support for the process. I would highly recommend the program to other Certified Practicing Marketers.”

    Marcus Kirchner

    Maggie Beer Products

    2019 Mentee

    “The Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program has been a valuable source of help to me during my first year of full-time work, with my mentor helping me talk through any of the challenges I was having, and getting the crux of issues causing these challenges.”


    Shey Dimon


    2020 Mentor

    There comes a point in your career, when you have received so much and achieved so much that satisfaction comes from lifting others up, rather than focusing on yourself. Mentoring actually goes two ways though, it reminded me of things I should do, rather than just say, like focus on my work-life balance more.”

    James Carroll

    People’s Credit Choice Union

    2019 Mentee

    “Gaining exposure to the complete end to end process of campaign development, condensed into a few months has been an excellent experience.”

    A Word

    From AMI’s Emerging Marketer Patron

    “I’m really proud to be the patron of the AMI Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program. Mentoring is valuable for marketers at any stage in their career because it gives you a network and someone to lean on as well as additional support and that feedback loop which is invaluable for all marketers. For senior marketers looking to give back, get involved because what we we might take for granted as marketers and as assumed knowledge isn’t actually and we can provide some great insights, council and leadership to our community and what that will do is give our whole marketing community, and more broadly Australia a better outcome. “

    – Lisa Ronson