2022 Awards for Marketing Excellence Terms & Conditions

  • All entries must be submitted online
  • Entries are invited from individuals and organisations irrespective of turnover or industry, unless otherwise specified
  • Entries are accepted from individuals and organisations operating within the APAC region or marketing campaigns executed for the region
  • Entries must be submitted in English
  • Entries may be made in more than one category, however each category requires separate submission details, entry form and fees. The same submission cannot be used across multiple categories. Each submission must be written to clearly satisfy the relevant category criteria
  • By submitting an entry you agree that you are the owner of the content or have permission from the owner to enter the content into the AMI Awards for Marketing Excellence
  • The entrant is responsible for ensuring all information on the submission is correct and executing any changes through the award platform. AMI staff will not make changes on behalf of entrants
  • No alterations to submissions will be permitted after the final date of submission – 13 May 2022
  • AMI Awards for Marketing Excellence
  • All award entry fees paid are non refundable
  • Awards will be presented to the organisation and person indicated in the ‘Walking on Stage’ section of the submission
  • Trophies/certificates will have the winning submissions organisation/campaign name/person indicated on the ‘My Trophy or Certificate’ section of the submission
  • National and State winners will be announced on the 20 October 2022, at the annual Gala
  • There will be no ‘State winner’ for the state of the ‘National winner’ in the Campaign Categories