Professional Indemnity and all your insurance needs


The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) welcomes a new partnership with Association Insurance Australia (AIA) – an insurance advisory firm that has over 20 years insurance and risk management experience.

The new Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy will cover all qualifying financial members of the Australian Marketing Institute who operate their business within Australia.

The policy provides cover for:

  1. Members who are consultants and generate gross fees of up to $300,000 annually from marketing advisory services, and
  2. Members engaging in part-time or pro-bono consultancy work, even if their regular income comes from an employment role.

If you are an AMI member operating a consultancy business that generates more than $300,000 in gross income, there is no cover under the Master Policy. You need to contact Association Insurance Australia for a separate quotation. Preferential rating will be provided to all AMI Members.

If you would like more information about insurance cover please contact the AIA team on 1800 277 624 or

For information regarding the AMI Professional Indemnity Master Policy, please click here.