SEO Workshop: Rank and Outrank Organically on Search


Thursday 31st October 2019


9.30am – 1:00pm


AMI Office
Lv 1, 21 Chandos St
St Leonards NSW 2065


From $330


Face to face and Virtual Classroom

AMI Member Value

This course qualifies for 4 hours of professional development under the AMI’s Certified Practising Marketer program.

Create content that ranks and outranks on search

Join expert SEO practitioner Shawn Powrie from Vine Digital to learn how to improve your website’s performance on search using search engine optimisation (SEO) to drive potential customers to your business. This practical workshop for marketers gives you the skills to leverage your content organically and at scale, providing you with a higher return on investment for your marketing efforts.

The wilderness of SEO information and agencies

Many who have tried to enter the SEO space have discovered that it’s easy to get lost in the wilderness of information, agency providers and their conflicting advice about SEO. When it comes to SEO agencies, some are good at what they do, others are well-intentioned but impractical, while others are outright manipulative of Google and their webmaster guidelines. So how do you tease apart reality from fiction?

Get equipped with up to date, accurate information about how SEO works and how to do it (or how to brief an agency to do it) and take the opportunity to discuss the challenges, misunderstandings and misinformation.



Course Outline

  1. Take a theoretical deep dive into how Google really works and its organic ranking algorithm in simple, non-technical terms.
  2. Learn a practical framework of SEO activity using case studies and learn step-by-step how to optimise a website’s performance.
  3. Explore and discuss the topics in detail with an SEO expert.


Topics Covered

  • SEO within the online marketing landscape
  • Four broad categories of online marketing activity; intersections between outbound & inbound, paid & organic
  • How SEO is distinct from other kinds of online marketing
  • The core concepts of search and intent
  • How search engines work; Discovery, Crawling, Indexation, and Ranking
  • Search features; knowledge graphs, local maps, etc.
  • Ranking signals: how content outranks other content
  • Overview of scoring and the clusters of thematic ranking signals
  • How to do SEO as a practice
  • Overview of technical SEO
  • Overview of content targeting
  • Overview of off-page SEO



Shawn Powrie

Shawn Powrie is the Head of SEO at Vine Digital, and a seasoned SEO professional with over six years of industry experience working hands-on on over a hundred different companies / websites.

Shawn has a unique grasp of how Google search works collected via a variety of channels including his computer engineering background and from conversations with Google themselves (both public and private) and is good at presenting the “big picture” of search and SEO in a clear, easy to understand manner.  

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