Conversion Optimisation:

Reaching Your Full Digital Potential Using Customer Data

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Level 14, 60 Margaret St
Sydney NSW 2000

 Seminar Leader

Michael Laps
Co-Founder, Yoghurt Digital



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Data is the heartbeat of modern marketing. In its most distilled form data is the voice of your customers. Yet data is rarely used when trying to answer common dilemmas such as how to increase conversion rates, how optimise landing pages or deciding on website redesigns and rebuilds. In today’s interconnected world it is this data, opinions that should be dictating marketing strategy.

This Seminar is designed for senior marketers, digital marketers and e-commerce specialists wanting to learn how to truly understand their customer’s behaviour online and how to leverage that data to engage customers and profit their brand. 

Seminar Leader
Expert industry practitioner and winner of AMI’s 2017 Future Leader of the Year Award Michael Laps, will share fruitful insights on the challenges, capabilities and competencies around data analysis and customer behaviour research, showcasing how data can be leveraged to create successful digital strategies and high impact marketing programs.

Seminar Summary

In this seminar Michael will discuss the latest tools and techniques brands are using to intimately understand their customers and their online behaviour, how to balance smart data insights and inspired strategy to drive competitive marketing strategies.

He will focus on:


  • Increasing a company’s customer orientation through better understanding of customer’s online behaviour
  • Effectiveness of digital marketing tactics and evidence-based understanding of customer behavioural patterns
  • Optimising digital marketing strategies by taking personal opinions out of the discussion and using data to drive decision-making
  • Extracting meaningful insights and build actionable strategies that will dominate the competition

Marketing Masters Expert Facilitator


 Michael Laps

Co-Founder of Yoghut Digital


Michael is one of the co-founders of Yoghurt Digital, a digital marketing agency specialising in user behaviour research, customer data analysis and all things search. His role encompasses designing, developing and implementing digital strategies for the agency’s clients, as well as generating new business.

With a background in client services at both traditional advertising and digital agencies, Michael has been privileged to work on the digital campaigns for household names like ANZ Bank, QBE Insurance, H&R Block, Converse, Seafolly and Forever New. Michael is also a guest-lecturer at the University of NSW and was recently named the winner of the Australian Marketing Institute’s “Future Marketing Leader” award.

About the Seminar

  • How optimise digital marketing strategies by taking personal opinions out of the discussion and using data to drive decision-making
  • Which consumer behaviour data you should be gathering and analysing to drive conversion rates
  • How to include your customers in the decision-making process to ensure marketing campaigns and projects generate positive ROI and long-term performance growth
  • Lifting the curtain on how knowing what data to collect and analyse can lead to powerful incremental changes that can drive exponential growth

Seminar Outcomes

  • How to use data to drive better digital marketing decision making by using and evidence-based vs opinion-based approach
  • Knowledge of how to work more effectively with data specialists and agencies by developing effective project requirements documents
  • How to build a proper project requirements scope using data, for both a new website build or an optimisation program
  • Clear set of actionable items, easy-to-follow roadmap and tools to start making smarter, data-driven decisions relating to website performance

Live case studies from Forever New


Michael will be joined by Rachel Tigel from Forever New who will share case studies on how they have used data insights to drive better marketing strategies, increase conversion rates and ultimately increase business growth.

Representing service-based insurance business and a product-based clothing retailer the case studies will showcase gaining an understanding of customer’s online behaviour led to two different approaches to optimising customer experience and ultimately conversion rates.

Steve will speak to the process Gallagher took to gaining insights into their customer’s digital experience that led to redesigning their landing pages, implementing new tactics to increase conversion rates through to revising their AdWords strategy.

Rachel will describe how the data and insights they gathered in a recent project led Forever New to commission not just a new website, but the select a new website platform. Rachel will describe how they came to this decision, the impact on their digital marketing strategy and business growth.

Case Study Presenter


Rachel Tigel

eCommerce Manager – Forever New Clothing

Rachel worked with Michael’s company to examine their customers’ online behaviour in depth. From Rachel’s experience she knew that the online sales could be higher and they needed to increase conversion rates to achieve this. The data and analysis undertaken led to the decision to both renew the website as well as change website platforms in order to achieve higher conversion rates, and hence business and revenue growth Forever New was seeking, and Rachel knew could be achieved by delivering a better online customer experience.

Rachel is a data-driven strategist whose expertise is in optimising websites and implementing growth and retention strategies to drive revenue. More about Rachels’ expertise and background can be found here.

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