Building a Practical Marketing Plan 



Learn the fundamentals of creating an effective marketing plan as the basis of marketing practice and strategy.


Use a framework to get to know your business and create overarching goals, company vision and mission statement.


Learn the 8 Ps of the marketing mix and develop your business marketing model.


How to conduct a competitor analysis and identify where you sit in the market.


Explore the foundations of setting budgets, monitoring and measuring campaign performance and effectiveness.

Course Overview

In the fast-moving digital world we live in today, businesses must set out their Marketing Plan and continually update it if they want to be successful. A Marketing Plan is a living document that allows an organisation to identify the current landscape, classify competitors and capitalise on strengths to adapt, evolve and continue to grow into the future. But it’s so much more than this.

Specifically designed for both Marketers who would like a refresher course, as well as business owners who wish to learn more, this Building A Practical Marketing Plan Workshop will take students through the theory, demonstrate with examples and guide you through each step to build or refresh your own Marketing Plan.


Who is this course for?


Business owners, freelancers and individuals looking for better engagement and results from their marketing efforts, needing a clear, easy to action approach.



Agency teams ready to deeply understand the drivers and influencers of successful marketing campaigns and wanting to stand out with expertise that outperforms the competition.

Marketing Professionals

Marketing professionals wanting to increase ROI and demonstrate advanced knowledge of strategic planning.


Course Details

Time and dates

12:30pm – 4pm, Wednesday 23 June, 2021


Special rates for Members – From $330



AMI Member Value

This course qualifies for 4 hours of professional development under the AMI’s Certified Practising Marketer program.


Building a Practical Marketing Plan – Key Benefits

Run by award-winning content copywriter and marketer, Christopher Melotti (from Melotti Media), this Marketing Plan class will cover everything you need to know to about crafting a strong Marketing Plan, including re-engaging with your business’ purpose, mission, goals, objectives and strategies.


Christopher Melotti

Christopher Melotti is a Marketing, Social Media and Copywriting aficionado who lives by the motto “Continually challenge, consistently grow, constantly humbled, confidently show.” He owns his own Copywriting and Marketing consulting business, Melotti Media, where he works with a wide range of clients from Insurance, to Real Estate, Agency, Web Design, Logisitcs, Financial and many more. He also runs, is a published author, and won the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the Year award in 2017.

Christopher possess a solid range of Marketing experience including strategy, digital, social media, content writing, creative, promotion and communications, having personally initiated, developed and launched several successful Marketing campaigns across a diverse range of industries, for which he was awarded the 2015 Australian Marketing Institute’s (AMI) Highly Commended Future Leader Award for Marketing excellence.

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Commerce and Marketing, a Masters Degree in Commercial and Business Law, and has commenced an MBA. He has a creative energy and enthusiastic flair, with a strong belief in entrepreneurial spirit and professional respect.

One of his major passions is presenting and teaching people so they can profit off his experience, which is why people enjoy attending and hold him in such high regard.

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