Workshops can be instrumental in helping your staff better understand different aspects of marketing and will support your staff in their professional development.

AMI can tailor or create workshops that focus on the goals you want to achieve and challenges your industry faces, meet your requirements and budget.

Minimum number of participants for customised workshops – 5.

The most popular formats of customised workshops are:

  1. Half day workshop (3-4 hours); Face to Face* or Virtual Classroom if your team is located in different states
  2. Full day workshop (7-8 hours)/ or 2 x half-day workshops (10 am – 2 pm); Face to Face or Virtual Classroom if your team is located in different states
  3. Long courses up to 6 months (divided into modules and scheduled according to your organisation needs); Face to Face + online (may include 1 hour Program intro/Pre-work briefs and Weekly check ins/Course Completion Wrap up & Farewell)

*If you are focusing on a team-building or corporate culture – we would recommend you a Face to Face training format.

How are we going to get there. Steps.
1. Brief. Fill in the brief
2. Chat. We’ll schedule a chat if needed
3. Proposal. We’ll put together a draft proposal (time-frame, lengths, format, delivery etc.)
4. Review. You’ll let us know, if the scope suits you.
5. Final proposal. We’ll come up with the details and costs.

Please fill in AMI brief or alternatively contact Katya Koval at for more information.