Applied Academic Research Grant

Research Priorities 2023-2024


The pandemic brought on by COVID-19, supply disruptions, national tensions, drive for a low carbon future and increasing adoption of digital technology, have wrought incredible change to the global economy. This will have long-term effects on consumer behaviour, the marketplace, branding and communication strategies, market regulation and public policy, global business and more.

A key component of the Australian Marketing Institute’s (AMI’s) charter is to facilitate relevant research for the advancement of marketing practice that will have a beneficial impact upon business, consumers and society as a whole. While companies pursue their own company specific marketing research, there is a need and gap for high quality basic research on current marketing practice issues. With this in mind, we have identified several important research topics for 2023-2024. These have been selected from topics on the current Marketing Science Institute research priorities list that was developed in consultation with senior marketing professionals within business, government and the NFP sector. We want to adapt these to the priorities of Australian marketers.

We look forward to supporting research on the chosen topics and will be looking to provide funding and/or foster collaborations between our member companies and academics working on these topics. A goal of the Marketing Science Institute and the AMI is to provide direction and support for research involving marketing academics in Australia, and to encourage collaborations between academics and industry.

First a summary list of the Research Topics is presented, then each topic is ‘unpacked’ and detailed in a set of practical questions.


Kindly download this form, fill it out, and send it back to amianzmacgrants@ami.org.au