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With access to academics, CEO’s, CMO’s, business owners and agencies, our audience comes from all sorts of different job types and organisations. And when you partner with us, you unlock endless lead generation opportunities through webinars, access to networking events and exposure through speaking opportunities. We are proud of and talk about our partnerships far and wide, so you reap the benefits tenfold.

The AMI Marketing Excellence Awards Celebration is a great cross-promotion opportunity. Synonymous with the excellence of the marketing industry, well known around the country, they are one of the most high-profile events of the year. Putting your company forth as the major sponsor is a great way to promote your brand.

Reach your target audience with AMI Sponsorship

At AMI, we understand the importance of reaching your target audience. That’s why we offer a range of sponsorship packages tailored to suit your needs. By sponsoring key marketing events and programs, your brand will be showcased to the industry’s key decision makers. Networking with the biggest names in marketing opens doors to potential clients and fosters long-term relationships.

We pride ourselves on providing flexible partnership options, ensuring that each sponsor package is customised to meet your specific marketing goals. Aligning your company with the Australian Marketing Institute guarantees that you receive exactly what you need to succeed.

Benefit from your
Sponsorship Investment

When you choose to sponsor AMI, your dollars go a long way. Our sole focus is on supporting our members through education, networking, and events. Every dollar we earn is reinvested back into our cause, ensuring that we can continuously contribute to the marketing industry. We firmly believe that successful marketing lies in building strong brands and connecting with people. Let’s team up and make it happen together.

By participating in the AMI Marketing Events as a sponsor, you will gain substantial brand exposure, connect with a knowledgeable marketing audience, and contribute to the advancement of the industry. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to align your brand with excellence and take your marketing efforts to new heights. Contact us today to discuss the perfect sponsorship package for your business.