Do you want to learn more about marketing or seek to improve your marketing skills in specific areas? AMI training offers a large range of short and long-term training courses with the flexibility of being online or in-class. This ensures you have the most relevant and up-to-date information at your fingertips.


The AMI manufactured workshops are instrumental in helping your staff better understand marketing. AMI can tailor these to focus on the challenges your organisation faces, and the goals you wish to achieve.

AMI’s professional development program helps early career marketers develop their professional skills and experienced marketers enhance their skills and stay relevant. 

AMI’s Marketing Masters Platform is designed for Marketing Professionals looking for a deeper level of professional development, networking and community building.

This exciting program gives young, aspiring marketers an opportunity to meet and talk with industry professionals and get a valuable insight into the industry and their own futures. 

Marketing graduates now have an upper hand in excelling their careers in the Australian workplace. The Marketing Career Advancement Program (MCAP) helps Marketing graduates develop employability skills for the Marketing profession and gain a marketing internship placement.

The Growth Faculty – ON DEMAND platform provides AMI’s CPM Members with FREE access to a curated collection of exclusive webinars and video interviews with the world’s greatest business minds, leading authors, future thinkers, CEOs and execution specialists.