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  • You will learn to design the ‘X’ in CX you need to know and understand the ‘C’! Make your customer the hero. Join this session to look at the drivers of human behaviour, and how a greater understanding of these touchpoints, including digital experiences, can be applied to customer experience.
  • Courses range from foundational, teaching you the increasing importance of customer experience management to a deep dive into behavioural science for customer journeys. You will quickly grasp how to track and analyse the changing nature of your digital customers, create feedback loops, and fully embed the customer experience within your business.

Customers sit at the heart of every company. The organisations that create intelligently designed customer loyalty programs enjoy a critical advantage over their competitors. For loyalty managers, marketing consultants, general managers, and sales/business development leaders, this program will provide you with new and emerging tools to develop a leading-edge customer loyalty program and the strategic framework for growing that loyalty over time.