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  • Foundational courses cover learning how to build an insight driven innovation program and how to flex your creative muscles. Covering the mindset, skillset and toolsets required to grow and innovate your business, without ever losing sight of your customer, context or problem you are trying to solve for to more advanced agile techniques.
  • More advanced courses cover agile business practices. They emphasise the importance of building a flexible and agile organisation. Participants learn how to create a culture that embraces change, encourages collaboration, and empowers employees to take ownership of innovation.
  • Another advanced course covers Design Thinking. This is a human-centered approach to problem solving that prioritises the development of products, services, business models, and experiences that address consumers’ actual needs. Experts have shown that design-led companies outperform their more traditional counterparts. So, how do you develop an edge? You start by breaking down your assumptions, adopting a new mindset, and looking at the world from a different perspective.