250 Hours | 200 CPD points

Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

The BPP University Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing, powered by the Digital Marketing Institute, utilises DMI’s unparalleled knowledge in Digital Marketing to bring you this advanced course designed to accelerate career growth and drive commercial success.

From $6900
11 Hours | 44 CPD Points

Paid Search – PPC

This interactive short online course covers PPC fundamentals including the importance of keyword strategy, Google Ads campaign optimization bidding strategy, and budget management.

From $595
140 Hours | 200 CPD points

Expert Certificate in Digital Marketing

An expert level course with an advanced, professional certification. It delivers breadth and depth of understanding of digital marketing and provides the learner with the digital and research skills to work at a management or strategic level.

From $4999
16 Hours | 64 CPD Points


With a focus on career-ready learning, and delivered through a blend of essential reading, case studies and useful toolkits, this course will quickly make you familiar with the core principles and best practices in eCommerce.

From $595
8 Hours | 32 CPD Points

Customer Experience

This online course teaches you the increasing importance of Customer Experience Management. Quickly grasp how to track and analyse the changing nature of your digital customers, create feedback loops, and fully embed the customer experience within your business.

From $595
38 Hours | 100 CPD Points

Digital Marketing Strategy & Leadership Course

This dynamic online Diploma in Digital Strategy & Planning course covering topics in digital communications, analytics, marketing automation and budget & strategy formulation will give you the skills, know-how, strategy, and techniques to lead the change for your brand.

38 Hours
From $2998
25 Hours | 100 CPD Points

Digital Marketing Channels

This online course is for anyone looking to develop practical digital marketing skills. The course was developed by digital marketing specialists with the aim of providing you with practical skills that can be put to work immediately.

From $780
Online | 50 CPD Points

Social Media Essentials

This course offers you unlimited access to the vast library of market-leading courses and certifications, covering a wide range of social media marketing topics. Designed to cater to various learning styles and skill levels.

From $385
5.5 Hours | 22 CPD Points

AI in Digital Marketing

Fast-track your AI skills with this short interactive course. Learn the fundamentals of AI, understand and implement AI data-driven marketing, get to grips with key AI tools like ChatGPT and Stability AI, and explore AI ethics.

From $729
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  • Learn key digital marketing disciplines. From pay per click to SEO, content to video, social and analytics. Perfect for career switchers, business owners, and all marketing professionals seeking to boost their skills. Courses offer the most current and relevant industry thinking available by constantly updating modules of capability to meet industry changes. Delivered by skilled experts working in the field, we ensure you’ve got the most up-to-date and relevant learning.
  • Intermediate courses provide in-depth focus on key areas of digital including strategy and planning, digital communications, social media management, analytics, marketing automation, budget, and strategy formulation. These courses will give you the skills to be successful in the ever-changing digital landscape.
  • Advanced courses demonstrate that data and technology are at the core of digital transformation, but these factors alone are not sufficient to make the leap towards staying relevant. It’s also about people and their capabilities. There’s no question that competing in a digitally centric world requires different skill sets. As a marketing leader, you need to find the right balance of skills to maintain your core business operations while also innovating for the future. This includes future-proofing your own skills as a marketing leader in the digital age.