250 Hours | 200 CPD points

Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

The BPP University Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing, powered by the Digital Marketing Institute, utilises DMI’s unparalleled knowledge in Digital Marketing to bring you this advanced course designed to accelerate career growth and drive commercial success.

From $6900
38 Hours | 100 CPD Points

DMI Specialist: Digital Marketing Strategy & Leadership Course

This dynamic online Diploma in Digital Strategy & Planning course covering topics in digital communications, analytics, marketing automation and budget & strategy formulation will give you the skills, know-how, strategy, and techniques to lead the change for your brand.

From $2998
38 Hours
25 Hours | 100 CPD Points

Marketing & Brand Strategy

This online course is for anyone looking to develop as a business thought leader and strategic marketer capable of responding to changing business challenges.

From $780
Webinar | 4 CPD Points Free for Members

Why you need to care about loyalty

With the need to maximise the profitability of every marketing dollar, loyalty programs can be a go-to-profitable and sustainable growth strategy.

From $50
Masterclass | 14 CPD Points

Masterclass: E-mail Marketing. Half-day class | Online Live

The program’s focus will be to upskill marketing specialists in the discipline of email marketing strategy and management. Participants will gain a foundational knowledge through this informative and collaborative session, share relevant experiences and most importantly, hone their skills to improve their approach e-mail marketing.

From $370
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  • Offering courses from developing the key steps of a brand marketing strategy to how marketing strategy influences the overall strategic direction of the organisation. These courses provide a comprehensive understanding of the key principles and techniques involved in strategic decision-making. Marketers learn how to analyse market trends, assess competitive landscapes, and identify opportunities for growth and differentiation. By acquiring these skills, individuals can contribute to the achievement of business goals, build strong brands, and drive sustainable organisational performance.
  • More advanced courses teach a market-tested framework that has delivered sustained double-digit growth in revenues and margins for major global brands. You will learn not only how to identify and drive growth opportunities but also how to implement strategies through the correct application of critical talent within inspired teams.
  • In summary, courses in strategy are essential for professionals seeking to enhance their abilities to influence business strategy from a marketing perspective. These courses provide knowledge and skills in market analysis, strategic planning, and brand building. By mastering these core capabilities, individuals can contribute to the achievement of business goals, build strong brands, and drive sustainable organisational performance.

From understanding the market, retail environment and competitive set through to making the hard choices about what you must do vs could do, this is an important step that will inform all elements of the brand mix .