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Since 1933 the Australian Marketing Institute has represented Australian marketing professionals from a range of marketing disciplines, business functions and industries, which has led AMI to become the leading voice of the marketing profession.

As the leading professional marketing association in Australia, the AMI serves a key role as the conduit bringing together industry and academia. A successful marketing career is founded on choosing to study the right marketing program. By selecting a program rigorously vetted by Australia’s leading marketing body, you can be confident that you are participating in a quality program examined by an independent third-party, with knowledge of the needs of industry and practitioners of tomorrow. Graduates of an AMI Accredited Tertiary University Program, AMI Endorsed VET or Industry Program, or AMI Recognised MBA Program, are on a fast track pathway to becoming a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) sooner. Not all marketers are created equal. Becoming a CPM is what distinguishes a marketer with experience from a person without. For this reason, all graduates of a program approved by the AMI are entitled to a credit reduction in time needed to become a CPM.


 Tertiary Programs Accredited By The AMI

AMI Endorsed VET or Industry Programs

AMI Recognised MBA Program

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