Marketing Course Accreditation & Endorsement

Australian Marketing Institute’s Accreditation, Endorsement or Recognition provides educators with industry feedback, knowledge, and experience for curriculum development and improvement. This will ensure continued professional relevance for marketing graduates, enabling them to perform at a high level in a changing and competitive business environment.

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Congratulations on making the decision to further your education and start your career in marketing!

Choosing the right course is one of the biggest investments  you will make in your life, so it’s important to make the right decision. With so many options, how do you choose the right course that meets your needs as well as high standards that employers are looking for in graduates? The number of marketing professionals is expected to grow strongly over the next 5 years with around 53,000 job openings (that’s about 10,600 a year). However, competition is fierce. So if you are serious about your career and setting yourself apart, undertaking an AMI accredited program is the first step to success. 

Make the right choice

The AMI has thoroughly examined the criteria in determining whether to grant accreditation/ endorsement/recognition towards a program. Universities accredited by us must provide you with integrated learning skills, build relationships with industry professionals, deliver a strong foundation in marketing theory, ability to apply practically the theory learnt and ensure that graduates possess the desired employee attributes.

FREE Student Membership

The Institute offers FREE Student Membership to students of the AMI accredited educational institutions and Educational Corporate Members.

By joining the Australian Marketing Institute as a student member, you will become a member of Australia’s only professional body for marketers which provides members with a pathway to becoming Certified Practising Marketers. When you graduate you can apply for the special graduate rate of $150 (incl. GST) per year which gives you full Career Starter membership for two years after you graduate. Join the Australian Marketing Institute and begin your career in marketing! 

Fast track your pathway to becoming a Certified Practising Marketer

The following credit is granted for members having completed degrees as follows:

Accredited Programs

  • Bachelor: 1 year credit
  • Graduate Certificate: 6 months credit
  • Graduate Diploma: 1 year credit
  • Master: 2 years credit
  • Advanced Master: 2.5 years credit

Endorsed Programs

  • Certificate III: 3 months credit
  • Certificate IV: 4 months credit
  • Diploma: 8 months credit
  • Advanced Diploma: 1 year credit
  • Bachelor Degree: 8 months credit

Not all marketers are created equal. But What distinguishes those who say they are a marketer from those who are actually experienced practising professionals is becoming a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM). Graduates of an AMI Accredited Tertiary University Program, AMI Endorsed VET or Industry Program, or AMI Recognised MBA Program are on a fast track pathway to becoming a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM). 

 For those who have gone that extra step and completed an AMI Accredited / Endorsed / Recognised Program, we offer credit towards becoming a CPM sooner in consideration of experience undertaken whilst studying with your provider. This allows for a credit reduction off the five (5) year time needed to become a CPM, owing to the high standards and workplace-integrated learning nature of your studies.

Set yourself apart


Graduates of an Accredited / Endorsed / Recognised program are entitled to request a copy of a reference letter for prospective employers. This letter is provided in soft copy (emailed version) explaining the value of the Accredited/Endorsed/Recognised program that you have just completed (subject to proof of graduation from the program and provided it was accredited, endorsed or recognised at the time of graduating).

Contact Membership Services with a copy of your degree and personal details if you would like to request a reference letter.