Certified Practising Marketer Professional Maintenance Program

The Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM) title is earned through ethical behaviour, depth of experience and currency of knowledge. But most of all, it’s the respected sign of distinction of a Marketing Professional who continually strives to further the practice through leadership and innovation through continuous learning.

All CPM’s are committed to complete a minimum of 100 points of professional development over a one-year period as part of the Professional Maintenance Program (PMP) in order to retain their CPM status.

About CPM Professional Maintenance Program (PMP)

PMP is a vital element of the CPM Program. It is intended to identify, develop, promote, maintain and improve upon skills which constitute the dynamic expertise of the marketing profession in a rapidly changing world. As a catalyst, it is for ensuring that the professional development of marketers comes not from reacting to change but by initiating change, thus optimising their service to their clients and employers.


For existing CPMs the amount of points should be 100 at the date of AMI membership renewal. For those who have obtained CPM status during their membership period the points will prorated at the time of their renewal.

The types of activities recognised by AMI as falling within the bounds of PMP and the measurement system can be found in the PMP Guidelines.

For audit purposes it is required that CPM’s retain suitable records and any supplementary documents (e.g. course acceptance, course materials) for the last year and to submit such details if called upon to do so by AMI.

AMI will not keep a record of the PMP submitted tracking form after the audit. The CPM is responsible for keeping the PMP activity log.

How to maintain your CMP status?

1. Continue your professional development

Undertake activities from the PMP list during the year from your membership renewal date. Make sure you document required activity details, such as activity name, provider, dates and points according to the AMI weighting system.


2. Submit your yearly PMP activity

One month prior to your membership renewal, the AMI membership team will send you a reminder e-mail with a link to submit your yearly PMP activity. You’ll be required to submit once yearly, ensure all your documents and information are ready to submit.


3. Post assessment

The AMI team will review your activity log within 10 business days.

If the log is completed correctly, it will be approved and you’ll be required to pay your annual membership fee in order to renew your CPM certification.

Otherwise, you will be advised of further actions required. If the PMP requirements are not met, there will be an extension period of three months to complete the requirements. Any CPD points gained during this period will apply only to the previous year renewal. At the end of the extension period, an e-mail remainder will be sent with the link to submit the activities completed. The CPM certification will either be renewed or CPM status will be revoked.

Some examples of PMP activities 

The AMI training and events calendar is always filled with fantastic workshops and networking events to help build your knowledge and grow your influence and give your Professional Maintenance Program a boost! AMI activities have the double weighting factor for your PMP log.

This table only illustrates some examples of the PMP activities, for the full list, download the CPM PMP Guidelines.

^To be doubled for AMI run or endorsed activity


AMI Judging / Mentoring

40 points


AMI Marketing Excellence Gala attendance

15 points


AMI Marketing Showcase

15 points


Courses, seminars, workshops, lectures, training

1 hour of study = 2 points^


Researching, Writing, Content creation, Presentations

1 hour of activity = 2 points^


AMI Social function / AGM

5 points


AMI Predictions Series

20 points


Conference, Presentation, Symposium, Summit, Congress, Forum, Roadshows, Conventions

16 points^


Webinar (attended)

2 points^


Self-study or Self-improvement programs

1 hour of activity = 2 points

 Collaborative Network

CPM Member Directory

The AMI CPM Directory presents Certified Practising Marketers and their skills to the professional community. Providing a trust mark of marketing professionalism and standards, the Certified Practising Marketer designation helps marketers in their career advancement, improving earning potential, knowledge sharing with industry peers and building professional brand and credibility. Don’t forget to update your details in your AMI Member profile to make sure your Directory record is up-to-date.


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