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The success of the Australian Marketing Institute is built upon the input of its volunteers who provide their professional expertise, passion for the marketing profession and dedication to providing value for our members. Our people are the key strength of AMI and we are proud to work with up to 400 volunteers around Australia, who represent the AMI Board of Directors, 7 State Committees and various panels.

Why get involved?

About AMI State Committees

Members guide the priorities of the AMI through an elected National Board of Directors and State Comiittees, ensuring representation for professional marketers and their changing needs. The Institute’s record of service to the marketing profession goes all the way back to our origin in 1933. Over the intervening years, we have continually evolved to meet the changing needs of marketers, delivering services to help members maximise their professional growth. The Institute’s leadership role in advancing the marketing profession has resulted in the emergence of Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) accreditation as a practising benchmark, the establishment of a Code of Professional Conduct, and the move towards defined practising standards for marketers and marketing metrics for organisations.

The AMI State committees consist of volunteer councilors whose principal function is the development and organisation of state based events in conjunction with the state appointed events organiser. Each of our State 7 Committees consist of up to 12 members, meaning that there are approximately 84 active Committee members representing the AMI across Australia at any one time. Our AMI ambassadors work closely together over a two year term to help facilitate events, drive member engagement and promote the AMI Awards Program. The AMI Mentoring Committee’s principal function is to develop and deliver the AMI Mentoring Program. The AMI Mentoring Committees are comprised of a maximum of 12 committee members, operating under the guidance of the State Committee, with approval of events by the State Committee Chair.



As the Professional Marketing Institute for marketers, AMI provides a trust mark of professionalism for marketers at each stage of their career; as well as small business practitioners; consultants; academics; students and recruitment professionals.


Through promoting AMI Membership, programs and events to their professional network.


Position CPM across industry, academia, and recruitment consultants as a trust mark for qualified professionals and the ‘Gold Standard’ for marketers.


Through relevant, refreshed event delivery and advocacy.


As the premier event on the Marketing calendar, the Marketing Excellence Gala provides an intimate setting to rub shoulders with key figures in the industry, while showcasing best-of-the-best marketing campaigns from Australian marketing talent.


Advocate the credibility of the program, the transparency of the judging process and the quality of the entries to the AMI Awards.

How to get involved?

If you’re interested in making a difference to the marketing community in your state, we encourage you to nominate to the AMI State or AMI Mentoring Committee.

Become an AMI Member

Only AMI financial professional members are eligible to nominate to the AMI State Committee Positions. Not a member?

See who is in your local committee

Browse the AMI State Committee Directory and reach out to local representatives to find out more about local events and initiatives.

Become a Committee Member

All nominations and supporting information must be submitted to the Australian Marketing Institute via the online form.

AMI State Committee

State Committees support the AMI by being advocating AMI Membership and fostering participation within the AM Marketing Community through their local networks. These committees work with the AMI Head Office and are accountable for assisting in the facilitation of local events and programs, understanding local market trends, engaging with members and promoting AMI initiatives.

Board of Directors

The AMI Board of Directors is responsible for governing the AMI, providing direction to management by determining the long-range mission and goals of the association, establishing AMI policies and procedures, monitoring finances and approving budgets. AMI Directors are appointed by our members to act on their behalf in being responsible for AMI’s overall business performance and compliance. Directors are responsible for establishing an appropriate system of corporate governance, having due regard to the reasonable expectations of members, the law, regulators and other stakeholders.

AMI Mentoring Committee

The AMI Mentoring Committee’s principal function is to assist in the delivery of the AMI Mentoring Program. This exciting program gives young, aspiring marketers an opportunity to meet and talk with industry professionals and get a valuable insight into the industry and their own futures.  EM Committee operates under the guidance of the State Committee, with approval of events by the State Committee Chair.

AMI CMO Patrons

The AMI CMO Patrons are the most senior marketers in the State. Acting as AMI Ambassadors, CMO Patrons advocate the interests of the Institute and provide access to senior networks. CMO Patrons are often CMOs of a very large team in multi-disciplined ASX listed companies. CMO Patrons have 20+ years’ experience and hold significant influence as a marketer. Recruitment for the CMO Patron is by invitation only. 

How AMI Committees work?

The Australian Marketing Institute is operated through a governance framework led by the AMI Board of Directors. The AMI Board, from time to time, can also appoint Strategic Advisory Committees to support key strategic functions. The AMI Board appoints Strategic Advisory Committees and through AMI Management, approves the appointment of the AMI State and Mentoring Program committees.

Committee’s contribution to the Institute:

Ensuring the Committee is conducted with good governance.
Managing Committee’s financial affairs diligently and overseeing matters referred from the national board.
Monitoring trends and opportunities for the Institute.
By participation in the relevant committee structure e.g., presidents meetings, emerging marketers, events etc.

Other areas that State Committees can assist include:

  • Networking with members and prospective members at state events and conferences
  • Guest lectures and presentations about Marketing Careers or AMI Membership to students and academic staff
  • Liaising with educational bodies and promoting the role of the AMI
  • Reviewing working papers
  • Providing guidance (and mentoring) to the AMI Mentoring Program committee.
  • Involvement in Special Interest Groups

If you are looking for an opportunity to truly lean in and leverage your involvement with the Australian Marketing Institute, then you should join your State Committee. As a Chair of the NSW Committee, I built invaluable relationships with a diverse range of industry peers and some of this industry’s real movers and shakers. I had also many opportunities to be involved in AMI’s leading initiatives, such as the Awards for Marketing Excellence and the AMI Mentoring Program. The thing I valued the most though about being part of the NSW Committee is the ability to contribute to positive and lasting change for the marketing profession.

 Jane Hillsdon

Managing Director, Dragonfly Marketing
NSW State Committee Member

Contact us

Please contact the team on 7228 2154 or membership@ami.org.au if you have any inquiries regarding state committee involvement.


Common Questions

Is THE AMI Committee Member a paid role?

The AMI recognises that much of its activities are carried out by members on a voluntary basis, which is dependent on the relationship with the State Chair and the performance of committee members. In return for a committee member’s contribution on a voluntary basis, the AMI contributes an annual credit of $100 for membership (allocated after one year of commitment) and complimentary / discounted tickets for AMI events (conditions apply). It is recognised that while rewarding, the work can sometimes be demanding and time-consuming as committee members are expected to devote approximately 20 hours per month.

How much time will I need to volunteer?

Participation in AMI committees requires approximately 20 hours per month. There are a minimum of 10 meetings per year and each member must attend a minimum of 7 meetings. Each meeting runs for around 90 minutes maximum, at a set time and date of each month, as determined by the Chair (with input from the committee). Committee members are required to attend in an official capacity, as many state events as possible to engage with members and promote the benefits of membership to non-members who are in attendance.

what is the selection criteria for candidates?

Only financial members of the Australian Marketing Institute are eligible to nominate to the position of Committee Members. 

What are the benefits of being a Committee Member?

In return for a committee member’s contribution on a voluntary basis, the AMI contributes:

  • Generous incentive scheme for members, including an annual credit of $100 for membership after one-year commitment and complimentary / discounted tickets for AMI events (conditions apply)
  • Development of team and leadership skills through the design, build and implementation of member-focused events
  • Involvement in new initiatives which can provide enhanced skill sets and networking opportunities
  • Being a State Committee Member can assist in career development and help keep informed of current and future marketing trends
What if I don't have time to commit to the committee responsibilities?

AMI Committee involvement is recorded by Committee meeting minutes. Should a member miss 4 meetings in a calendar year, the member is automatically deemed to have ceased committee membership – and AMI Management will confirm via written notification. The State Chair needs to attend at least 8 of the 10 meetings.