The Australian Marketing Institute is the requisite organisation for professional marketers and the authoritative voice of Marketing in Australia. With the largest network of marketers across the country, who share upstanding qualities of integrity, ethics, trust and experience, The Australian Marketing Institute has been supporting the career progression of members and advancing the marketing profession since 1933.

The Australian Marketing Institute Board of Directors

Deputy Chair

Andrew Thornton FAMI CPM   


Nicholas Ridis FAMI CPM   


Nick Kariotoglou FAMI CPM    


Lynda Cavalera FAMI CPM


Mona Lolas FAMI CPM 


John Kim AMAMI

Company Secretary

Narendra Prasad, General Manager, CFO


John Clay FAMI CPM 


Paul Nicolaou AMAMI

2020 AMI Board Conversations

The Australian Marketing Institute AMI Board Directors discuss how AMI is bridging the gap between industry and academia; why there needs to be greater representation of marketers on boards; the key trends to look out for in 2020 including the shift in focus back from digital to traditional marketing channels; and the key drivers indicating there is a need to lift the level of professionalism in Australia.

The Australian Marketing Institute State Committees

The success of the Australian Marketing Institute is built upon the input of its volunteers who provide their professional expertise, passion for the marketing profession and dedication to providing value for our members. Our people are the key strength of AMI and we are proud to have up to 400 volunteers on the Board, 7 State Committees, and various panels.

Each of our 7 State Committees consist of up to 12 members, meaning that there are approximately 84 active Committee members representing the AMI across Australia at any one time. Our AMI ambassadors work closely together over a two year term to help facilitate events, drive member engagement, and deliver mentoring programs to our members. 


The Australian Marketing Institute State Chairs

Chair NSW State Committee

Jane Hillsdon AMAMI CPM   

Chair VIC State Committee

Nina Christian FAMI CPM   

Chair TAS State Committee

Adrian Pursell AMAMI CPM  

Chair QLD State Committee

Michelle Fragar FAMI CPM   

Chair WA State Committee

Kimberley Lim AMAMI CPM   

Chair SA State Committee

Maria De Conno FAMI CPM