Marketing Course Accreditation & Endorsment

Australian Marketing Institute’s Accreditation, Endorsement or Recognition provides educators with industry feedback, knowledge, and experience for curriculum development and improvement. This will ensure continued professional relevance for marketing graduates, enabling them to perform at a high level in a changing and competitive business environment.

Information for Providers


The Institute’s ‘Assessment and Accreditation of Marketing Courses in Tertiary Education Guide’ aims to assist institutions in preparing submissions for accreditation/ endorsement/recognition of their courses. The guidelines, in three parts, provide:

  • An overview of the background to accreditation
  • An outline of the accreditation criteria guidelines for the assessment process
  • A description of the accreditation process from initiation to the final report.

The framework will be reviewed every three years to ensure currency in response to evolving local and global marketing practices and needs.

For each application, the Institute will appoint a qualified assessment team, comprising subject matter experts who will evaluate and provide constructive feedback on the submission. The assessment team seeks to assure the Accreditation & Professional Development Board that the applicant has demonstrated that they are meeting, or will meet, the Institute’s standards for professional marketing education.

Educational institutions can download the appropriate guides, registration, and application forms below.


The Australian Marketing Institute’s process entails accreditation/ endorsement/recognition (validating that standards are met) and peer review to promote high standards of marketing education, to stimulate self-analysis, and to assist the institution under review to achieve its objectives. The review is conducted in a collegiate manner that includes consultation, advice, and feedback.

The review process follows this pathway:

  • The institution conducts a self-study guided by the criteria described in the Institute’s application documentation, ‘Part 2: Accreditation Criteria Guidelines,’ and submits the application to the Institute
  • The Institute appoints an assessor team to review the marketing programs
  • The team reviews the institution’s documentation and assesses whether it is meeting the applicable standards and its objectives. The team confirms the information in the accreditation submission by holding discussions with senior academics and administrators involved in the relevant education programs, students, and others associated with the delivery of the education programs
  • The Accreditation & Professional Development Board considers the assessor team’s report, with final signoff by the chair. To start the process, providers should review the Institute’s three-part guide, ‘Assessment and Accreditation of Marketing Courses in Tertiary Education’ then download and complete the registration form found below.

Accreditation Application Forms

Endorsement Application Form



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