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November, 2022

5 mistakes to avoid in your skill assessment application

By Divya Bahukhandi, VETASSESS

Marketing roles often involve working with colleagues across the business, being called on to collaborate on diverse projects and being asked for advice on the customer’s perspective.

Marketers can build up a wide range of expertise, but when applying for a skills assessment for migration purposes it is important for applicants to take time to understand the criteria required so that they can nominate the correct occupation for their skill level and avoid disappointment.

At VETASSESS, we assess three marketing-related occupations for people needing a skills assessment to migrate to Australia and here are some common mistakes that we see:


1. Applicants who do not have the specialist expertise for these occupations

An overall focus on sales or business development is not considered highly relevant for the assessment of the occupations of Marketing Specialist, Advertising Specialist or Market Research Analyst.

Positions based in a front-line retail setting and positions predominately involving direct client transactional interaction on a regular basis will also not be accepted.


Confusing the role of Marketing Specialist with that of Advertising Specialist or Market Research Analyst

2. Confusing the role of Marketing Specialist with that of Advertising Specialist or Market Research Analyst

Take the time to carefully understand the different roles based on your skills and experience, which may not necessarily align with the job titles of roles you have held.

Skills assessment criteria are based on ANZSCO, the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations.

VETASSESS and AMI also regularly review and validate our assessment criteria to ensure it meets the needs of Australian employers.

We have information sheets for the occupations of Marketing SpecialistMarket Research Analyst and Advertising Specialist, with a table that outlines the differences in the roles and alternative titles for some of them.

An Advertising Specialist is someone who devises and coordinates advertising campaigns which encourage consumers to buy particular goods or services.

A Marketing Specialist identifies market opportunities and advises on the development, coordination, and implementation of plans for pricing and promoting an organisation’s goods and services.

A Market Research Analyst determines the market for new goods and services, develops advertising strategies, and evaluates the best business sites for commercial organisations.


3. Not having the required level of experience

Sometimes applicants have worked on campaigns but not at the level needed. Tasks such as these will not be assessed positively:

  • Providing administrative support for marketing campaigns, rather than on key tasks of identifying market opportunities and advising on the development, coordination and implementation of plans for the pricing and promotion of products or services.
  • Performing general managerial responsibilities across various operational functions within the organisation, without a clear focus on marketing-related activities.
  • Being primarily involved in planning internal communications such as the company newsletter, company website and coordinating company events.

4. Providing insufficient supporting material for assessment

Applicants are advised to provide samples of some supplementary material such as marketing plans, marketing collateral, and contracts if they are relevant to role performed.

You may be worried about client confidentiality, but you can usually provide examples of work performed and maintain client confidentiality by blocking out any identifying or confidential client details. The aim is for you to demonstrate your skills – not to breach client confidentiality – and materials such as these helps us assess and understand the depth of your experience and abilities.


5. Not including a detailed organisational chart for each period of employment

We understand that career plans have been disrupted during the past few years of COVID lockdowns, with businesses reorganising or ceasing operations, but please explain your career path fully.

Any organisational chart should include the company letterhead, your job position and those of your superiors and subordinates as well as all positions reporting to your immediate supervisor, and your direct subordinates.

If a previous employer has reorganised or is no longer trading, you can still submit an organisational chart that showed where YOU sat within the organisational structure.


This article was contributed by Divya Bahukhandi, VETASSESS Team Leader of Business and Finance assessments for migration.

VETASSESS provides skills assessments for people who wish to migrate to Australia, including for the professions of Marketing Specialist, Advertising Specialist and Market Research Analyst.