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December, 2021

7 tips for a skills assessment for marketing professionals

Marketing professionals are experts at telling their client’s story and that’s the approach they should take when applying for a skills assessment for migration. 

At VETASSESS, we conduct skills assessments for three marketing occupations for people planning to migrate to Australia. When we receive an application for an assessment, we want a full picture of the person’s career so that we can fully understand their skills and experience. 

Marketing professionals are in demand, and the role of Marketing Specialist is a popular occupation for people applying to migrate. We also assess the roles of Market Research Analyst and of Advertising Specialist. 

Successful applicants can obtain a VETASSESS-AMI digital badge, a web-enabled version of their outcome letter, and a one-year free AMI Professional Membership, providing them with the opportunity to network with other professionals when they arrive and learn more about their occupation in Australia. 

Applying for a skills assessment for migration 

Here are some tips to help you obtain a successful assessment outcome: 

  1. Ensure you choose the correct occupation. This is not as obvious as it sounds because how your occupation is performed in your home country may differ from the requirements in Australia.  

We do see people with marketing job titles apply who, when we look into their role, would be regarded in Australia as being in a business development or sales role. Choosing the wrong occupation means you are unlikely to receive a positive assessment. 

  • We have new information sheets for the occupations of Marketing SpecialistMarket Research Analyst and Advertising Specialist, with a table that outlines the differences in the roles and alternative titles for some of them. When you are planning to apply, this is a good place to start, enabling you to review the evidence you will need and begin gathering your documents. 
  • Ensure your resume is as thorough as possible. Tell us about your internships, projects and assignments or a thesis that you worked on while earning your qualification. This is not like a job application where the recruiter wants the information to be as concise as possible, we want to know the details of your accomplishments. 
  • We do not need a project list, but we would like examples and case studies. You might supply collateral, marketing plans and contracts if they are relevant to the role that you performed. Providing us with examples of your work and an explanation of the role you performed can be very helpful in borderline cases because it demonstrates the depth and quality of your abilities and experience. 
  • It is not mandatory to provide collateral of the projects you have worked on, but it does demonstrate your expertise. We sometimes receive a considerable amount of assets, such as brochures and posters, without much explanation of the applicant’s role in the campaign. We understand that marketing is a collaborative effort, but we want you to tell us of your role in how this work was produced and delivered. You can provide a cover letter that outlines what you did. What problem did you solve for the client? How did you address their needs? 
  • If documents are not in English, you must submit copies of the originals as well as an English translation made by a registered translation service. Documents in the original language without a translation will not be accepted. 
  • Ensure your referee is not only available for contact but that they know the work you have performed. We want to speak to someone who actually understands what you have been doing in your role and who can talk to us about how you have contributed to your team or clients. 

Applicants are usually eager to get the process rolling and can be frustrated by the time taken to gather their documents. The role you performed may seem obvious to people in your profession but you should ensure you explain fully what your position involved and the work that you have performed. 

Our assessors want to understand your career story and the effort taken at this stage will be recovered when your application is being processed. 

This article was contributed by Matthew Newton, Team Leader of Business and Finance at VETASSESS. 

VETASSESS provides skills assessments for people who wish to migrate to Australia, including for the professions of Marketing Specialist, Advertising Specialist and Market Research Analyst.