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April, 2024

Achieving excellence through lifelong learning: insights for modern marketers

Attributable to Stephanie Conti, Manager, Customer Centricity & Capability – Group Marketing at ANZ

Throughout my career, I’ve journeyed through various stages of understanding the role of learning in professional growth. Reflecting on my earlier years, I once viewed learning as a time-consuming detour from productivity. Attending occasional external courses seemed sufficient, until my current role in capability building illuminated a fundamental truth: continuous learning isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity for excellence.

Lifelong learning isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of personal and professional development. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, individuals committed to continuous learning are 10% more likely to secure higher-paying jobs and experience greater job satisfaction compared to those who resist ongoing education. Additionally, other research indicates that lifelong learners exhibit higher adaptability to changing workplace demands, positioning them as invaluable assets in today’s fast-paced industries.

Building capability should further complement your role and contribute to your performance on the job. As you continue to learn, grow, and develop, your proficiency in your work improves, leading to higher-quality outcomes. Embracing the ethos of lifelong learning empowers marketers to adapt to changing landscapes, acquire new skills, and innovate within their roles.

But how do we transform learning from an occasional event into a daily practice? Enter the power of habits. Inspired by James Clear’s seminal work in “Atomic Habits,” we understand that significant progress arises from consistent, incremental efforts. By cultivating micro habits centred around learning—whether it’s dedicating 15 minutes daily to industry research or attending weekly webinars—individuals can incrementally enhance their skills and knowledge, ultimately driving professional success.

Consider NBA phenomenon Stephen Curry, whose relentless pursuit of improvement mirrors the ethos of lifelong learning. Beyond his exceptional talent, Curry’s commitment to perfecting his craft is evident in his daily rituals and training regimen. From rigorous shooting workouts to focused ball-handling drills, Curry dedicates countless hours to refining his skills. His commitment extends beyond the physical aspects of the game; he’s also known for his meticulous film study, analysing game footage to gain a competitive edge. Despite reaching the pinnacle of his sport, Curry remains unwavering in his pursuit of excellence. His example underscores the importance of embracing learning as an ongoing journey, regardless of one’s current level of achievement.

Beyond the realm of sports, numerous CEOs and business leaders champion the principles of lifelong learning. Figures like Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Seth Godin have been known to prioritise continuous growth, recognising it as a key driver of success in an ever-evolving world. Their dedication to learning serves as a blueprint for marketers seeking to thrive amidst industry shifts and technological advancements.

In today’s dynamic marketing landscape, adaptability is paramount. Trends come and go, technologies evolve, and consumer behaviours shift with lightning speed. To remain relevant, marketers must embrace a mindset of continual growth and adaptation. By staying attuned to emerging trends, honing new skills, and understanding the nuances of their craft, marketers can position themselves as industry leaders in an ever-changing landscape.

The journey of lifelong learning is not a destination but a perpetual pursuit. By integrating learning into our daily habits, embracing the examples set by industry icons and sports legends, and remaining adaptable in the face of change, marketers can unlock their full potential and chart a course for sustained success in the dynamic realm of the field. Let us not view learning as a mere task to be checked off a list but as a lifelong adventure that propels us towards greatness.