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February, 2024

Adidas launches global campaign to inspire grassroots teams and combat negative pressure in sport

Adidas has unveiled a new global campaign, ‘You Got This’, aimed at inspiring grassroots sports teams and helping individuals overcome the impact of negative pressure in sport.

The campaign is dedicated to the next generation of athletes and kicks off with a 90-second film featuring sporting legends such as Lionel Messi, Pat Mahomes, and Linda Caiçedo, set against the anthem, ‘Under Pressure’ by Queen ft. David Bowie.

The campaign will also include a range of athlete stories, expert insights, and guidance materials designed to help athletes at any level manage pressure in sport.

Adidas has collaborated with sports neuroscientists Neuro11 to measure the cerebral activity of pro-athletes, revealing that elite athletes’ brains are up to 40% more effective at managing high pressure scenarios. These findings and tips have been shared in a ‘how-to-guide’ to help grassroots teams achieve their goals.

“In a year of unmissable sport, where our adidas family will undoubtedly inspire a new wave of athletes across the globe, we have created a campaign to help young players confront a universal barrier – pressure. Our new campaign is designed to help bring the joy back to sport and equip all athletes with a simple message; You got this,” said Florian Alt, VP of Global Brand Comms at adidas.

The campaign will be supported by a multiplatform media campaign and will include events and activations for consumers to participate in. The campaign is driven by insights from consumers around the world that negative pressure can detract from the enjoyment of sport.

Adidas’ new initiative is a significant step in addressing the mental health aspects of sports performance, particularly at the grassroots level. By providing practical tools and insights, the campaign aims to empower athletes to better manage pressure and enhance their performance. The involvement of sports legends in the campaign also serves to inspire and motivate young athletes, reinforcing the message that they too can overcome challenges and succeed in their sporting endeavours.