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December, 2021

Advancing My Marketing Professionalism With DMI Pro: Bruce Murphy

”Shortly after gaining my Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM) accreditation this year, I came across the Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) course on the AMI website. The program stood out from the others that I’ve seen as it’s the only professional certification to be endorsed by AMI and is based on a certification framework from the Digital Marketing Institute that blue-chip global brands and universities in over 90 countries use. 

Although my day-to-day work exposes me to various aspects of digital marketing, I saw this as a great opportunity to ensure that my marketing skills remain relevant in an increasingly digital world, especially since the only formal learning that I had on this topic took place almost 20 years ago when I was at university! 

Whilst it’s important that gaining this certification helps contribute towards the Professional Maintenance Program (PMP) – a key requirement to maintain CPM status, the key benefits that the CDMP program has brought to my professional development are that it’s helped to develop my understanding of online buyer needs (even more critical since the onset of COVID-19 restrictions, where purchasing online is the only way for many of us to purchase products from businesses that have been forced to shut due to lockdown restrictions) and the rigorous certification process has also exposed me to digital marketing best practices and given me an opportunity to apply what I have learnt through practical exercises. 

The Certified Digital Marketing Professional course has also allowed me to accelerate my very own digital transformation. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wishes to learn how to capitalise on their existing skills and experiences in traditional marketing and to apply them in the digital world.” 

Bruce Murphy
Head of Marketing, Graphic Communications Services at Fujifilm Business Innovation Australia, Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM) and newly minted Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP)