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November, 2023

Albanese Government to probe Optus outage with post-incident review

The Albanese Government has announced a post-incident telecommunications review into the Optus outage that left 10 million customer of the telco across Australians disconnected for 10 or more hours.

The review is set to identify key lessons from the incident and improve post-outage processes, in a bid to prevent such widespread disruption in the future.

The Department of the Government will be responsible for developing the terms of reference for the review, with further announcements expected in due course. This move comes as the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) independently initiates an assessment to investigate Optus’ compliance with rules requiring successful carriage of emergency calls from mobile carriers to the Emergency Call Person (Telstra).

The outage, which affected a significant number of Australians, has raised serious concerns about the reliability of the country’s telecommunications infrastructure. In an email from the Albanese Government, it was stated, ‘Connectivity is absolutely essential for Australian consumers and businesses, and the impacts of this outage were particularly concerning.’

The government’s decision to conduct a review underscores the importance of reliable telecommunications in today’s digital age. With an increasing number of services and businesses relying on digital connectivity, any disruption can have far-reaching consequences.

The Albanese Government further noted, ‘It is critical that industry and Governments take stock following large-scale outages, given no network is immune.’ This statement highlights the need for continuous improvement and learning from incidents to enhance the resilience of the network.

The review is expected to provide valuable insights into the incident and offer recommendations for improving post-outage processes. It will also serve as a reminder to telecommunications providers about the importance of maintaining reliable services and adhering to regulations, particularly those related to emergency calls.

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