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February, 2024

Alinta Energy launches ‘True Power’ to educate Australians on energy transition

Alinta Energy has unveiled a new brand platform, ‘True Power’, aimed at educating Australians about their energy sources and the transition to net zero. The campaign, presented through an animated world, was created in partnership with BMF and Buck. It is backed by The Verve’s track, ‘Bittersweet Symphony’. The ‘True Power’ campaign explains that a blend of different energy sources is currently required to provide reliable and affordable energy. The campaign will be rolled out across TV, OOH, radio, and digital display.

According to Amanda Hagan, Executive Director Retail Markets at Alinta Energy, “We know that many Australians are confused about energy, and we hope this straightforward information and approach will help. We’re optimistic about Australia’s future and want to give Australians the information they need to make better-informed decisions when they choose their energy provider and use energy in their home or business,” said Hagan.

Stephen McArdle, CEO at BMF, highlighted the lack of sufficient renewable infrastructure in Australia to completely switch off coal and gas energy sources. “While Australia hasn’t built enough renewable infrastructure to be able to switch off coal and gas energy sources just yet, we’ve partnered with Alinta Energy to create a long idea and brand platform that will leverage their commitment to educating Australians on how we’re going to get there,” McArdle said.