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April, 2019

AMI Awards Stories: Giving Young Marketers “a foot in the door”

Modern Marketing is a moving target, and many young marketers, especially graduates, are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. The real world of employment in the field of marketing is more difficult than expected. This submission looks at how Braveda addresses these issues with multitudes of young marketers, and the innovative ways they’ve supported them.

Braveda wowed the judges with a Marketing Initiative that showed real commitment to helping young marketers succeed. They were the 2018 AMI Best Marketing Agency award winner – you could be our next!

This Award category acknowledges the critical role agencies play in advancing the Australian marketing profession and professionals by identifying and developing talented marketers. In fact, many stellar careers and world-class strategies are thanks to a commitment to finding and developing great people.

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Braveda was established in the year 2000 and has been led by Nina Christian ever since. Nina’s work has been featured in USA Today, Forbes Magazine, and she is a regular speaker on the subjects of Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Along with building social impact focused brands in the marketplace, Braveda has adopted a major focus of developing and equipping the next generation of young marketers.



The Issue

Marketing students and new marketers struggle with:

a. ) Knowing where they “fit” in the ever-changing marketing landscape with new job titles appearing on an almost daily basis.

b. )Employers are looking for runs on the board, even in new hires, and theoretical knowledge and marketing qualifications just aren’t enough.

c. )As a result many doubt their own ability and lack the confidence about the real value they ARE able to deliver, and don’t know how to present that effectively to employers.

Agencies and Senior Marketers are Stretched

Marketing agencies face the challenge of servicing clients, winning new business, while at the same time remaining agile in their practices and up-skilling their teams.

Clients expect a solid approach to demonstrating ROI on client investment thus reporting and client management takes front and centre for agencies.

Finding time to invest in development of young marketers comes at a cost, and while some young marketers are fortunate enough to secure lucrative internships or graduate positions in blue-chip organisations, the remaining 99% struggle to get real world experience and mentor-ship by qualified marketers.  Often young marketers are exploited by firms taking advantage of their eagerness to gain experience and have them carry out basic administration work.

The Solution

1.) ‘Marketing Immersive Experience’

EntreprenHer is a school of entrepreneurship that improves the lives of vulnerable teenage girls by teaching self-confidence, problem-solving, business and life skills under the banner of business and entrepreneurship.

Nina Christian and the Braveda team put out a call to all their networks to gather both struggling young marketers and marketing professionals in Melbourne.

In just one week, under the guidance of industry experts, the young marketers produced 6-months’ worth of assets and content for EntreprenHer.

During that week, the graduates worked under close supervision and received hands-on training, developing their skills in social media, graphic design, copy writing, video production and project management.

They were matched with experts in the skill areas they wished to develop and shown how to leverage the experience gained through the project to create a compelling portfolio containing real-world examples. They were also taught how to showcase with confidence other relevant in-demand marketplace skills gained through the experience.

2.) Supporting Young Marketers

“Launch Your Marketing Career” is a Facebook page created in 2018 for young marketers to be able to share their ideas, support and motivate fellow marketers to be more innovative. The members consist of final year students, recent graduates and young marketers starting their career.

3.) Volume Internships

Braveda’s mission as an agency is to give as many marketers as possible a “leg up” whether through official internships, Marketing Immersive Experiences, Online & Real-World Training and Mentoring. Braveda also provided many direct mentoring opportunities to various schools.

4.) Accelerating Graduates and New Marketers

Nina Christian and her team lead various training initiatives including “fast-track” upskilling through an innovative 2-month program, which opens the door to lucrative career opportunities for young marketers who had previously struggled to get their foot in the door.

Braveda has a strong mentorship focus and as well as working on marketing projects, all team members actively mentor junior marketers as part of their role.

The Results

‘Marketing Immersive Experience’

Braveda was able to help EntreprenHer get the marketing help it required to go to the next level, taking it one step closer to being able to sponsor 500 disadvantaged teen girls through the program.

Over five days, interns published a high volume of content online, which enabled graduates to land jobs through showcasing their work to their employers.

More than 1000+ marketers were influenced through this platform at the time and has grown more than double the size today. Many dozens of young marketers expressed their gratitude and highlighted how much the group helped them get jobs, find the support direction and encouragement they needed to pursue their marketing dream.


Key Outcomes That Contributed Value to the Organization

Since Launch Your Marketing Career was established in March 2018 the group has successfully acquired more than 2,400 members and continues to grow in the way it supports young marketers at this vulnerable stage of this career.

The community has helped final year students, recent graduates and returning marketers to receive more career guidance and inspiration to express their opinions and ideas.

This is a great example of how an agency has played a key role in advancing the Australian marketing profession by identifying and developing talented marketers.

Does your agency have what it takes to be the 2019 AMI Best Marketing Agency award winner? You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Entries for 2019 AMI Awards for Marketing Excellence close 30 April 2019.