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August, 2017

AMI Chair Spotlight: Adrian Pursell

Adrian Pursell is a senior consultant at Capital Innovation and has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing. Having had 15 years of experience with lean management, he combines these methodologies into marketing.

As the newly appointed TAS State Committee Chair for the AMI, he says the main reason he he is involved with the organisation is to keep up to date with trends and what is happening in an ever-changing world more so now than ever. More importantly, due to Tasmania’s business demographic where 97% of Tasmanian businesses are small employing 1 to 19 staff members. An  institution like the AMI plays an important role as the majority of these 37000 businesses need to market in some form.

“From my experience, the majority of these businesses don’t have a dedicated marketer or marketing team so to have a great resource on tap is imperative. It’s my vision to reach out to more of these businesses so they too can share the latest trends while learning from other like-minded people,” Adrian says.