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May, 2024

Anytime Fitness and The Hallway launch ‘Find Your Fit’ audio campaign on Spotify

Anytime Fitness Australia, in collaboration with The Hallway, has launched a new audio campaign under the ‘Find Your Fit’ creative platform.

The campaign, which runs on Spotify, targets listeners across Australia’s most popular music genres. It introduces a cast of unique gym-goers whose music tastes complement their workout styles. The series of 30” spots are directed by Ralph van Dijk and produced by Made in Katana.

The spots phonically illustrate distinct worlds through soundscapes inspired by each genre, overlaid with music tracks and narrated by characters. The campaign promises that whoever you are, and whatever your jam, you will find your fit at Anytime Fitness. The campaign is part of the ‘Find Your Fit’ creative platform launched by the partnership last year.

“This is a great opportunity to evolve our Find Your Fit platform in a fun and contextual way, and creatively demonstrate that Anytime Fitness is for ‘Any body, Any time’,” said Caitlin Bancroft, Chief Marketing Officer at Anytime Fitness.

The ongoing aim for Anytime Fitness is to be Australia’s most welcoming gym, open to anybody regardless of where they’re up to on their fitness journey. As Bancroft said at the time of launching the new brand campaign last year, ‘Find your fit’ celebrates gym goers in all their forms “in a fun way that puts inclusion at the heart of our brand”.

Creative Director at The Hallway, Jessica Thompson, said it had been a pleasure to expand the Find Your Fit universe with the team at Anytime Fitness.

“It was a particular joy to reunite with Ralph to do it. And if you’re as surprised as I was to learn Country is amongst the top 5 workout genres, I say we step into our spurs and see what all the fuss is about,” she added.