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November, 2023

ARN locks in top-rating Kyle and Jackie O breakfast show for the long haul

Australian Radio Network (ARN) has secured its top-rated breakfast shows in Sydney and Melbourne with extended contracts, ensuring their presence on the airwaves for years to come.

KIIS 1065’s Kyle and Jackie O, a staple of Sydney’s morning radio, have been locked in until the end of 2034, adding an additional ten years to their existing contract. In a historic move, their show will also be broadcast live into Melbourne on KIIS 101.1 starting from 2024.

“Fans of the show will be stoked to hear that this 10-year deal is the longest radio deal in Australian history,” said Kyle Sandilands. “Love us or loathe us, Jackie and I will be continuing with our politically incorrect nonsense for a long, long time.” Jackie O echoed his sentiments, expressing gratitude for their listeners and excitement for the next decade.

Meanwhile, GOLD 104.3’s Christian O’Connell has been secured until the end of 2029, adding five more years to his existing arrangement. O’Connell expressed deep gratitude at signing his new long-term deal, stating, “It means I get to continue building and growing what I’m doing with my positive corner of the radio dial, where I want my listeners to feel like they belong, and we can share the messiness of being human!”

ARN’s National Content Director, Duncan Campbell, praised O’Connell’s unique storytelling and consistent, engaging content, which he said has contributed to the show’s success at ratings time. ARN’s CEO, Ciaran Davis, also acknowledged the risk they took five years ago by putting an English accent onto the Melbourne airwaves, but stated that Christian is now “part of the fabric of Melbourne” and his commitment to unearthing the stories that make Melbourne tick sets his show apart.

Davis also lauded Kyle and Jackie O, stating, “Their ability to connect with their audience is second to none and we’re incredibly proud to have them continue as part of the ARN family.” He further noted that the success of their partnership has surpassed expectations for listeners and commercial clients alike.