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June, 2024

Australian Vintage unveils Australia’s first AI-curated wine blend

Australian Vintage has launched CTZN, an Australian-first AI-augmented wine. The range features a blend of AI-selected grape varietals that have been crafted by human winemakers.

The CTZN wine range debuts with two blends: Quantum Quintessence, a Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend, and Ethereal Pulse, a Pinot Noir/Grenache/Tempranillo blend.

CTZN offers an augmented reality experience when the bottle is scanned, featuring SOM, a digital sommelier created by a collaboration of vintners and AI engineers. SOM, crafted using generative AI and refined by Web 3.0 experts, guides users through the wine-tasting experience in Augmented Reality.

“CTZN was created to push the boundaries of how AI can influence the world around us. Most brands using AI have done design, advertising, or packaging. We asked the question what if AI influenced everything? When you scan a CTZN bottle you’re immediately immersed in an augmented reality experience that’s as future-forward as the wines. Dreamed up by a collaboration of vintners and AI engineers, SOM, our digital sommelier, is designed to encapsulate the knowledge of a wine expert with the accessibility of a digital assistant to push the boundaries of wine-drinking experiences,” said Australian Vintage CMO, Tom Dusseldorp.

“SOM’s persona was meticulously crafted using generative AI and refined by Web 3.0 experts crafting detailed prompts, moving and interacting with users fluidly in Augmented Reality. Transporting you out of the digital realm and immersing you into the CTZN world, SOM is ready to expertly guide your wine-tasting like never before using your smartphone as a guide,” said Creative Director of Mik Studio, MIK, Tom Cotton.

CTZN follows on from French AI wine pioneers Aubert & Mathieu. Australian Vintage is a celebrated global drinks company, with MIK Studio, MIK, as CTZN’s technology partners.

The new range is now available for purchase from Dan Murphy’s for RRP$26.