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April, 2024

BCU Bank positions itself as a the best back up bank in new brand campaign

BCU Bank has embraced its challenger narrative, positioning itself as ‘A Better Back-Up’ to the big four in a new brand campaign from The Hallway.

The campaign, based on consumer truths and insights, focuses on ‘Plan Bs’ or alternative ways Australians save or grow their money. It includes out-of-home (OOH) and digital elements, and points out that 80% of Australians bank with a Big Four bank. It was created in partnership with The Hallway.

BCU Bank partnered with YouGov to conduct research on unconventional methods Australians use to tackle the cost-of-living crisis. The research revealed many young Australians are struggling with their finances due to increasing cost-of-living pressures, low financial literacy, and confidence.

“Our research uncovered how increasing cost-of-living pressures, as well as low financial literacy and confidence, were impacting consumers. We learned some Gen Zs and Millennials are joking about – or dabbling in – unconventional tactics or ‘Plan Bs’ to make money and boost their savings. Our goal is to support our existing customers, while also connecting with younger Australians who need a leg up to reach their financial goals,” said BCU Bank Head of Marketing, Michelle Hemingway.

The campaign aims to support existing customers and connect with younger Australians who need financial support. It features creative assets across digital and traditional channels, with messaging variations tailored to key customer needs or financial milestones. BCU Bank positions itself as a better back-up plan for customers when their primary bank (Plan A) fails to meet their needs.

“When it comes to competing in a very cluttered market space, we knew our brand campaign needed to leverage these insights, be edgy and bold and resonate with today’s consumer,” Hemingway said. “This clever campaign cements BCU as the very best second bank – and certainly the best financial back-up plan – an Aussie banking customer could choose.”

The Hallway Creative Director, Jessica Thompson, said A Better Back-Up was testament to what can be achieved with a bold vision and in a trusting agency/client relationship.

“More reluctant brands would have shied away from a creative construct like this, especially given A Better Back-Up is our first dance with BCU Bank, but Michelle and her team were driven by a clear objective and a strong intention of helping Australians of all ages to feel confident when it comes to managing their money,” said Thompson. “For all the brands in the world calling themselves either leaders or challengers, there aren’t many who proudly stake their claim as your best second choice.”

The campaign also includes a PR strategy with a travelling ‘Footography Studio’ offering express pedicures and professional feet pics in key, high-traffic Brisbane locations.

“Working with BCU Bank on becoming the most memorable back-up has been a riot and it’s to their credit that they leaned right into their brand personality traits of being human, quick-witted and tenacious and didn’t shy away from poking fun at themselves,” said Thompson.

BCU Bank is a customer-owned bank with 17 branches spanning the Sunshine Coast to Port Macquarie.