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January, 2024

Beatgrid’s analysis of 500+ global campaigns reveals changing viewer patterns

Advertising effectiveness player, Beatgrid, has analysed data from over 500 global advertising campaigns, revealing insights into shifting viewership patterns as consumers move between Linear TV, Connected TV (BVOD + AVOD), and Online Video in search of the best content.

The latest study highlights the continued significance of Linear TV with older audiences, the key role of YouTube in engaging Gen Zs, and the rising importance of video-on-demand services.

Beatgrid’s General Manager (A/NZ), Cameron Curtis, said different platforms drive incremental reach across various demographic segments.

“For example, campaigns that blended TV and CTV, with the addition of YouTube, achieved a 60% incremental reach in the online video platform,” he said. “This not only effectively captured younger audiences, but also led to a 62% increase in brand lift.

Analysis also showed integrating Out-of-Home (OOH) into Linear + CTV advertising campaigns significantly enhanced the reach and impact of such media campaigns, particularly among Millennials and Gen Zs.

“As we saw with YouTube, OOH significantly amplifies campaign reach, particularly among Millennials and Gen Zs, while also generating a positive brand lift,” Curtis said. “This is a trend that’s more pronounced in Australia than in other markets like the United States or Europe.”

Beatgrid provides precise deduplicated reach and frequency measurement, along with brand lift, on a person level, using a deterministic approach to cross-media and ad effectiveness measurement.

“With marketers under increasing pressure to demonstrate ROI, they need real deduplicated metrics including reach, frequency, and brand lift to make informed and impactful decisions, not claimed exposure based on probability,” Cameron added.

Beatgrid Co-Founder, Daniel Tjondronegoro, emphasised the importance of the company’s Single-Source panel methodology in providing accurate solutions in Australia’s fragmented cross-screen landscape.

“Our Single-Source measurement connects advertisers and consumers in a transparent advertising ecosystem,” Tjondronegoro said. “Beatgrid is changing the status quo in advertising measurement by making sustainability a core principle in our mission. Our Single-Source measurement connects advertisers and consumers in a transparent and green advertising ecosystem. Supported by insights from over 500 global campaigns, Beatgrid is not just measuring advertising; it’s inspiring a greener, more accountable future.”

Beatgrid’s recently installed Chief Commercial Officer, Terrie Brennan, said the 500+ global campaign insights using de-duplicated reach and frequency and brand lift measures was a valuable way of optimising ad accuracy and budget allocation.

“Our data reveals YouTube’s exceptional incremental reach among younger audiences in 500+ global campaigns, complementing TV and CTV strengths,” he added.