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February, 2024

Berries Australia launches first ‘Berry Basket’ campaign with Media Merchants

Media Merchants has launched its first campaign for Berries Australia, following a successful pitch last year. The ‘Berry Basket’ campaign is a collaboration between berry growers across Australia, led by Berries Australia and delivered through Hort Innovation.

The campaign promotes blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries under a ‘berry basket’ banner. It was launched in collaboration with Berries Australia’s media agency, Wavemaker. The creative concept, ‘One for me, one for you!’, focuses on the appeal of Australian berries, both individually and combined. Media Merchants was responsible for the full production and execution of the campaign, which includes BVOD, out of home media, and digital executions.

Berries Australia’s Executive Director, Rachel Mackenzie said the campaign aims to highlight snacking and breakfast occasions of all berries featured.

“Our creative concept for Berry Basket uses humour to create a campaign that is memorable, impactful and at its core, places berries as the hero,” continued Media Merchants’ Account Director, Holly Prassler. “There is no doubt that we all have a personal preference for a specific berry.

“With this campaign, we wanted to push the idea that consumers can walk into the fruit aisle and be creative with their berry basket – whether that’s combining their favourite berries or swapping it out with a berry they might not usually consider.”

According to Kantar research, berries are consumed for breakfast 32% of the time against other total fruits (13%), but for snacking, fruits take a 49% share, as opposed to berries at 38%.