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July, 2024

Bunnings and TradeMutt join forces to support mental health in the trade industry

Bunnings Trade has announced a three-year partnership with social impact workwear brand TradeMutt, in a bid to raise funds and awareness for mental health support among tradespeople. Things kick off on 26 July with a National Funky Shirt Friday Brekkie on 26 July.

The partnership aims to support the free mental health care counselling service, This is a Conversation Starter (TIACS), founded by TradeMutt creators, Dan Allen and Ed Ross.

Allen and Ross, both tradesmen, founded TradeMutt after Allen lost a close friend to suicide. The brand’s colourful work shirts are designed to spark conversations about mental health, breaking down barriers in industries where such discussions are often stigmatised.

“When we launched TradeMutt, we had no idea just how big the impact our shirts and the conversations they start were going to have among the blue-collar community,” Allen said. “It began as an idea to turn the tragedy of losing one of my best mates to start some conversations and hopefully save other families, friends and loved ones from experiencing the same trauma and heartache.”

Bunnings Trade is a major supplier to project builders, commercial tradespeople, and the housing industry.

Bunnings Trade desks nationally will display ‘TIACS for your toolbox’ cards, highlighting how to easily access the professional and confidential counselling service. On Friday, 26 July, Bunnings will be hosting a free Funky Shirt Friday themed national trade BBQ breakfast at all stores from 7am-9am. Bunnings Trade x TradeMutt work shirts and water bottles will be available in-store at Bunnings Trade desks, with 100% of profits from sales going directly to TIACS.

As part of the partnership, Bunnings Trade will release a limited-edition co-branded work shirt and water bottle on Friday, 26 July. All funds raised from sales will go directly to support TIACS.

Ben Camire, Bunnings Director of Operations & Commercial, said the retailer is committed to improving mental health support within the trade community.

“Many of us can be unsure on how best to start a conversation about mental health, so we’ve partnered with TradeMutt to encourage our team and customers to check in with each other and raise awareness and funds for TIACS, a valuable resource there to help tradies,”
he said. “We are excited to be launching a limited run of co-branded work shirts and water bottles, guaranteed to start a conversation when they hit stores this month.

“We are committed to improving mental health support within the trade community and know the positive impact the simple act of starting a conversation can make. Breaking down barriers so tradies feel comfortable reaching out for help will help drive cultural change in our industry.”

Jason Banks, TIACS Co-CEO, highlighted the significance of the partnership, stating, “The TIACS team are super excited about this partnership as this will create more awareness of the TIACS professional mental health counselling service to blue collar workers right around Australia.

“I encourage the Bunnings Trade community to get behind this partnership so we can start more conversations amongst hardworking tradies and raise funds for TIACS to help more blue-collar Australians that are doing it tough. As a not-for-profit organisation, TIACS can only do what we do by the industry getting onboard to share our message, and what better industry leader to have join us on this journey than Bunnings Trade.”