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February, 2024

Clemenger BBDO’s sweet strategy for Bowel Cancer Australia: 3D printed chocolates

Clemenger BBDO has launched a unique Valentine’s Day campaign for Bowel Cancer Australia, using 3D printed chocolates to raise awareness of early-onset bowel cancer, the deadliest cancer for people aged 25-44.

The campaign, which is primarily social and PR-led, coincides with Valentine’s Day and utilises chocolates, created in collaboration with chef and food designer Ryan L Foote, to represent bowel cancer symptoms.

The chocolates, named Jammy, Gooey, Airy and Chunk, each symbolise a different symptom of bowel cancer. The campaign includes video content of Elise’s lived experience with bowel cancer, social media activation, influencer packs, and a giveaway of the limited-edition chocolates. The campaign ran from 9 February to 15 February.

TikTok provided pro-bono support to amplify the campaign, targeting a younger audience. Free boxes of the limited-edition chocolates were available for pick up from R L Foote Design Studio in Clifton Hill on 14 February.

“We are grateful to work with Ryan and Clemenger BBDO on this unconventional campaign which aims to overcome the poo taboo and raise symptom awareness in younger people, as bowel cancer deadliest cancer for people aged 25-44,” Bowel Cancer Australia CEO Julien Wiggins said.

Clemenger BBDO Executive Creative Director Richard Williams emphasised the importance of breaking stigmas and normalising conversations about bowel cancer, especially among younger demographics.

“To turn around perceptions of bowel cancer, we need to smash stigmas and normalise talking about poo, especially among younger demographics who think bowel cancer can’t affect them. What better way to reach and engage with them than via social. And what better time to launch a chocolate-driven campaign than in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. Because if you really love someone, you can talk about anything.”

Foote expressed his honour in being part of the campaign.

“Art is an incredible driver of conversation. It’s inspiring to see Bowel Cancer Australia and Clemenger BBDO lean on unique creativity and design in educating and engaging the public on such an important yet under-represented topic. I’m honoured to be a part of it all.”