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May, 2024

Click & collect: the Australian retail landscape’s new darling

ShopFully, an international tech company in Drive to Store, has discovered that 70% of Australian consumers are now opting for Click & Collect when shopping online. The company, which joined MEDIA Central Group in 2023, is now a partner to over 500 top retailers and brands in 25 countries, operating with a team of over 450 individuals focused on Digital Retail.

In a survey conducted in February 2024, ShopFully found that 78% of Australian consumers often buy additional products when they collect their original online purchase in-store. Despite the growing preference for Click & Collect, 90% of Australians still prefer to shop in-store. This is in contrast to Europe, where 86% of consumers use the service, indicating that Australians have been slower to adopt Click & Collect.

“Since the inception of Click & Collect, it’s been a powerful tool for retailers, as it incentivises customers to visit a business location in-person, providing the optimal opportunity for a second-purchase to be made. Its ability to generate additional in-store revenue has made it extremely advantageous for physical stores,” said ShopFully Country Manager for Australia, Brendan Straw.

24% of Australian consumers systematically buy other products when going to the store to collect their original online purchase, with 54% doing so occasionally. “Click & Collect has offered shoppers the best of both worlds, providing both convenience and time efficiency. However, it’s retailers who are reaping the most reward, as it allows businesses to capitalise on their digital channels to drive in-store footfall and increased sales,” Straw said.

“The fusion of digital and physical shopping, and the birth of Click & Collect, has brought consumers this perfect blend of online ease and in-store excitement,” Straw said. However, he also notes that “Australia is leading the way in omnichannel shopping but we are still only catching up to other regions.”

Straw emphasised the complexity of shopping behaviour. “41 percent of consumers use both offline and online channels interchangeably so retailers need to engage them with personalised content tailored to purchasing habits, using different touchpoints to support them throughout the purchasing process – from that initial purchase online via Click & Collect to the in-store pick up.”