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January, 2023

CMO50 report now available: Practising personalisation in an era of passion points, preferences and purpose

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As customers exhibit a growing desire to be recognised for their values and interests, the personalisation capabilities brands have been building need to adapt and flex.

To get there, marketing and CX leaders are investing in data, technology, customer journey orchestration and content. Yet there’s also a need to complement operational capability with a firm grasp of customer tastes, preferences and values. Because consumers are increasingly expecting organisations to not only personalise engagement in a way that reflects these facets of their character but admit these preferences change frequently. In fact, the majority of Aussies change preferences every three months.

Throw in the macro-economic downturn as growing concerns of customer data security and use, and you have a complex array of conditions brands need to navigate their personalisation strategies through. This makes it imperative brands develop a personalisation muscle that’s responsive, and which gives them the ability to unlock customer data and content in real time and across channels to consistently deliver in the moments that matter.

In our latest CMO50 whitepaper, we’ve spoken to five CMO50 2022 alumni members about how they’re endeavouring to build personalisation capabilities, at scale, and realise rapid responsiveness in programs and touchpoints to cope. We’ve delved into catering to growing consumer desire based on regular gestures over one-off offers and using passion points and preferences.

But as our CMOs made clear, they’re not just replacing one set of data for another. Traditional demographics to segment communications or personalise Web pages are being complemented by ever-diverse owned data sources. Integration is critical, as is the ability to optimise. CMOs also reveal a superior understanding of internal and external dynamics, particularly when it comes to creative.

Don’t miss this whitepaper featuring 5 of Australia’s most influential CMOs. Download now!