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May, 2021

CPM Spotlight: Louise Cummins

Louise Cummins, Marketing and Digital Innovations Director at H&R Block Australia

I am currently the Marketing and Digital Innovations Director at H&R Block Australia, and have over two decades of experience working across a range of industries including finance, technology, entertainment, healthcare and telecommunications. My career has taken me around the world and connected me with the most amazing people from all walks of life.

Marketing’s role is never complete – it’s always evolving – and this is why I’m still passionate every day about marketing. I’m especially drawn to new innovations that improve client experience.

I am proud of being a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) with Australian Marketing Institute as it’s a recognition of both my formal education and my experience – in a fantastic industry. This certification not only demonstrates my commitment and passion for the profession but also a willingness to never stop developing my skills and growing as a marketing professional. In such a competitive field, being a CPM is a valuable attribute.

About CPM

The Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) designation is the only peak professional benchmark of its kind for Marketers in the Asia-Pacific Region. The CPM title officially recognises both formal education and the successful application of your marketing knowledge and skills in practise. Become a CPM today!