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September, 2017

CPM Spotlight: Sarah Zanker

Sarah Zanker is an Account Director at Colmar Brunton, one of Australia’s leading Market and Social Research agencies. Sarah is a trained marketer and business coach, with extensive experience conducting marketing research projects across most sectors including Government.

Sarah’s true passion lies in qualitative research and workshops, community and stakeholder engagement, and customer experience research. She’s passionate about helping her clients make better and smarter decisions through connecting them with their customers.

Working with iconic Australian brands makes Sarah’s job incredibly rewarding. From assisting in the development of road safety campaigns, to working with local food producers to help bring new products to market, one day for Sarah is never the same as the last.

Sarah says “…for me, the best part of my role is that I get to partner with so many amazing organisations to help them solve their business and marketing challenges! It’s also pretty cool to see the results of your work on TV or in supermarkets.”

Sarah is a CPM and a Fellow of the AMI.