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November, 2023

Create impossible, unique imagery fast with AI.

By: admin

When the Brand IQ team first started playing around in AI, it was the entertainment and novelty factor that kept us pushing for more.

But as we experimented and learned, we became excited about the potential and possibilities we were seeing.

We began creating images for clients in construction, design, travel, food, retirement and professional services. Every week, the output was even better than before.

With every new update of the algorithms, we could see that this was going to change the world as we know it.

But let’s talk about it in the context of marketing.

We all know photography is a money-pit. The models, the photographer, the location.
The weather, the tantrums, the stylists. The catering! Then endless photoshop work. Budget-bleeding costs aside, the planning alone can take weeks!

With AI, you express what you want as a prompt – and you get immediate results.

For a fraction of the cost, time and stress of photography.

Style is your brand’s fingerprint. Every image is a piece of your brand’s puzzle, fitting perfectly into your narrative. Once you achieve a signature look you like, you can adopt that as your unique brand style. You won’t see it popping up everywhere you look. Just like your logo, it’s yours.

Here’s an example you’ll be familiar with. As part of the Australian Marketing Association’s brand refresh, we subtly infused their brand colours and icons into backgrounds and used a diverse mix of ethnicities to truly represent their audience. The results were amazing.

It puts an end to all kinds of problems. Privacy? You don’t need permission from the mother of the child you just created! No decent product photography for your just-released product? No budget to travel to Japan to capture an image of a culturally diverse group of young professionals on the Maglev train?

Sick of seeing the same old stock shots everywhere you look? Want to get super creative and conjure a futuristic cityscape or a historical event with a modern twist?

The serious among us know the true impact of these images. Good AI “promptologists” are creative thinkers and technical wizards – the curious and valuable blend needed to make the impossible possible.

Like tropical fruits so fresh they explode, sending colourful macarons and sorbet into orbit. How could you capture that action with a camera, let alone the quality to be printed at store front window size?

It’s the art of breaking boundaries, of venturing into uncharted territories.

At Brand IQ, we’ve witnessed the transformative power of AI in visual storytelling. Our clients are ecstatic. Their customers are engrossed. This is the future of imagery, and pretty soon, there’ll be no going back.

Brand IQ is arguably one of Australasia’s leading creators in AI image generation, our specialist team testing, experimenting and teaching it every day. Recognising it as a cost-effective, style-defining, boundary-pushing, result-oriented application, we’re constantly amazed at what we’re seeing.


Want a free AI image to elevate your brand? Send me a brief in 100 words. Include things like content, colours, background and style (illustration, photo etc) and email me at

I’ll show you what AI matched with human creativity can do.

Steve Ballantyne
Brand IQ