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June, 2024

Cuddly Fabric Softener embraces everyday gestures in ‘Love that Lingers’ campaign

Cuddly Fabric Softener, is focusing on small, everyday gestures that express love in its latest campaign, ‘Love that Lingers’.

The campaign, created by VML, aims to resonate with modern families while emphasising the softness and freshness of clothes treated with Cuddly. The narrative of the campaign is inspired by the idea that small acts of love, such as ensuring clothes are clean and cosy, are often the most remembered and appreciated. This concept is brought to life in the campaign’s hero creative video.

Senior Marketing Director at Colgate-Palmolive, Anthony Crewes, said Cuddly has been a staple in Australian households, providing softness and freshness that families trust.

“Our new campaign captures the essence of what Cuddly has always stood for—enduring love and care through every wash, making sure that the feeling of a parent’s hug is always close, no matter where life takes us.”

APAC Chief Creative Officer at VML, Paul Nagy, said Cuddly as a brand was a little disconnected from modern audiences.

“The idea that modern kids are going to shower us with praise for doing the washing didn’t really feel like a modern reality,” he said. “But there’s a genuine truth that those little, loving efforts we make as parents can sometimes connect to the ones we love in very powerful ways… so we decided to make that the heart of this story because it still felt truly connected to the core of the brand – the little efforts that can mean so much.”

The campaign is running online and social in Australia., and online, social and TV in New Zealand.

VML works with a number of blue-chip client partners including AstraZeneca, Colgate-Palmolive, Dell, Ford, Intel, Microsoft, Nestlé, The Coca-Cola Company, and Wendy’s.