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December, 2023

DSpark and Visa forge data alliance to unite mobility and spend insights

DSpark, a subsidiary of NCS, has entered into a strategic partnership with Visa, aiming to revolutionise the way organisations view and utilise data.

The partnership is designed to equip organisations with a comprehensive view of mobility and depersonalised spend data analytics by merging data sets together. The pair are targeting sectors such as tourism, retail, commercial property, and government, and use cases such as making more informed and effective business decisions to reduce business risk, improving ROI and creating new growth opportunities.

“We are immensely proud to announce our partnership with Visa, marking a milestone in the evolution of data analytics. This collaboration stands as a testament to our mutual commitment to innovation and our passion for unlocking new possibilities,” DSpark CEO, Paul Rybicki, said. “Together, we are poised to create a powerful and unique fusion of mobility and spend data, presenting new possibilities for our clients and making tomorrow more collaborative than ever before.”

Head of Visa Consulting and Analytics for Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific, David Peacock, echoed Rybicki’s sentiments.

“This is an exciting partnership which will provide local organisations with a much broader perspective, based on data-driven solutions and actionable insights,” he said.

Commenting on the potential benefits of this partnership, Director of Relational Insights Data Lab at Griffith University, Tom Verhelst, saw increased precision around data equalling better marketing and business strategies.

“By integrating DSpark’s comprehensive mobility patterns with Visa’s depersonalised spend dataset, businesses and government organisations are able to tap into data that is more precise than ever before,” he said. “Organisations can expect to see greater ROI on their spend with the ability to make decisions about marketing and operational strategy that are based on data.”

The consolidated view of anonymous mobility and depersonalised, aggregated transaction data is now available to organisations as an alternative or enhancement to existing solutions supported by NCS Australia.