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April, 2024

Ellipsis unveils comprehensive map of Australia’s $6bn loyalty market

Customer loyalty consultancy, Ellipsis, has launched what it’s calling the inaugural map of Australia’s $6 billion loyalty solutions market.

The map, accessible through Loyalty Central, is designed to assist Loyalty Managers and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) in making informed decisions about their loyalty solutions. The map aims to simplify and de-risk the selection of program vendors and partners from the growing and complex array of services in Australia.

The loyalty market in Australia is expanding at a rate of 13% annually and now includes more than 180 solutions, a significant increase from just a few years ago. The map documents and verifies 120 loyalty solutions across 34 vendors and 33 categories. It allows Loyalty Managers to shortcut to a handful of preferred partners to contact using its downloadable guide. The guide includes details of awards, recognition, partnerships, acquisitions, and credentials and certifications such as ISO 27001, GDPR, CPA, and PCI DSS.

“Australia’s loyalty market is now worth $6 billion and is growing at 13% annually as more and more brands see the compelling value of loyalty. But with more than 180 solutions now to choose from, up from just a few five years ago, Loyalty Managers and CMOs can feel bewildered by the sheer amount of choice on offer,” said David Parsons, CEO of Ellipsis.

The map divides all available loyalty solutions into one of four categories – Loyalty Foundation, Loyalty Extension, Rewards Foundation, and Reward Extension. It has 33 subcategories to help Loyalty Managers find all the loyalty solutions serving their specific category or delivering a particular service. Providers are either standard or Verified Vendors that have shared key details across the six key decision criteria important to Loyalty Managers.

“The Australia Customer Loyalty Solutions Market Map is designed to cut through the confusion to make that job easier for Loyalty Managers and CMOs and make their choices more effective. Ellipsis’ loyalty experts have done the forensic work to document and verify 120 loyalty solutions (and counting) across 34 vendors and 33 categories to create what will soon be a comprehensive map of all loyalty solutions available: the bible for Loyalty Managers,” added Parsons.

Ellipsis Partner, and Head of Technology Practice, Simon Rowles, said, “We realised our clients needed a Loyalty Central when we saw that they were picking platforms to participate in their loyalty RFPs through the best tool available to them – Google search.”

“We knew we had to make this complex process simple and knew it could be. Loyalty Central and The Australia Customer Loyalty Solutions Market Map is the result, and we invite people to try it and see what’s possible,” Rowles concluded.

Ellipsis uses its proprietary methods and data-driven insights, Customer Science, to deliver an end-to-end service from design to operate. The free version of the map has 14 Verified Vendors, while the paid version has all 34 Verified Vendors.