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August, 2019

For Love or Money 2019: Latest customer loyalty research

The annual customer loyalty and loyalty program research –The For Love or Money 2019 uncovered some valuable insights to enhance and build customer loyalty strategies and loyalty programs. Commissioned by The Point of Loyalty, the research was conducted independently by First Point Research and Consulting in the first quarter of 2019 through a national online panel of 1,000 Australian consumers and 1004 New Zealand consumers – men and women aged 18+ who are members of at least one loyalty program.

The research was structured to gain quantitative results with comparative analysis as well as qualitative insights.The study takes the pulse on customer loyalty and loyalty programs has been released with new trends, insights and benchmarks in three reports:

  1. Executive Summary, Australian Report
  2. Infographic, Australian Report
  3. Executive Summary, New Zealand Report
  4. Infographic, New Zealand Report
  5. Executive Summary, Australia and New Zealand

The study reveals insights on:

1. Changes in the Australian loyalty program landscape 

Profiles of loyalty program members; Active participation in programs; Ranking Australian loyalty programs – ‘doing a very good job’)

2. Attitudes to ‘loyalty’ and loyalty programs 

What is ‘loyalty’? The consumers’ point of view; Are loyalty programs valuable to a brand and business? ; Why do members think brands offer programs?; Do brands need loyalty programs to keep customers loyal?; Member interaction, identification & payment integration; Are members making the most of their program memberships?; Member defection: % leaving, when and why)

3. Preferred loyalty program structures and benefits 

Earn and redeem rewards within vs beyond the brand specific program? ; Rewards for transaction vs tenure with a program? ; Rewards that are quick & small vs more substantial rewards that take longer to earn? ; Rewards with small value and no minimum spend vs larger value with a minimum spend? ; Points vs cashback? ; Tiered program structures vs no tiered programs?)

4. Loyalty Program data collection and use: a privacy and trust perspective 

How do members feel about loyalty programs collecting and using their personal details? ; Personalisation: Enhancing the member’s shopping experience vs invading their privacy ; What do members consider when providing their data to loyalty programs? ; Level of concern about loyalty programs being hacked or subject to fraud; Loyalty program Data and Trust = The Net Data Trust score (NDT) )

5. A deeper dive into loyalty program insights 

The five loyalty program persona profiles ; The four touchpoints impacting the ‘last mile’ of a member’s interaction with a loyalty program ; Insights into loyalty programs with a subscription fee ; Do members think of points like cash? ; Credit cards with rewards – are they still worth it?

Want to learn more?

Don’t miss AMI’s webinar with Adman Posner, CEO and Founder of The Point of Loyalty. The webinar will unpack what is loyalty and how to motivate it, providing insights from the Australian consumers’ point of view on what ‘loyalty’ is to a brand/business beyond enrolling in a loyalty program.

Upcoming webinar at 1pm AEDT, 26 November 2019

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About The Point of Loyalty

The Point of Loyalty is a strategic customer loyalty consultancy dedicated to driving business growth from existing customers through best-in-class loyalty and rewards programs. CEO Adam Posner is a loyalty program specialist helping business build thriving programs that are profitable to the business and meaningful to the member. Author of the annual customer loyalty and loyalty program research study, For Love or Money is now in its 10th edition. Adam has developed the robust methodologies to build new and review existing loyalty and rewards programs, as well as being involved in the research, design and deployment of loyalty and rewards programs across industries.