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July, 2018

For Love or Money 2018 – The Point of Loyalty

For Love or Money 2018, an Australian research study that takes the pulse on trends and insights into customers’relationships with loyalty programs and their impact on customer loyalty.

The study which was authored by Adam Posner, founder and CEO, The Point of Loyalty provides customer loyalty and retention strategies and programs and strategic loyalty research.  These have been provided for retail (various), hotels and accommodation, financial services, leisure and entertainment, education and cryptocurrency coalition loyalty programs.

As brands and businesses continue to invest more in customer retention and loyalty, it is important for a business to invest in customer loyalty as a growth strategy and how to achieve it as a profitable outcome.  This research study tracked changes in the Australian loyalty landscape, building on trends and insights to help improve our understanding of the changes in the wider market and the impact on consumer behaviour in connection to loyalty programs.

Here are the new key findings and insights from the study in 2018:


  1. Memberships of Loyalty Program Remain Steady
  2. Top Loyalty Programs in Australia (Unprompted’)- ‘Doing A Very Good Job’

  3. Are Loyalty Programs Improving?
  4. Loyalty Program Data Collection and Use: Enhancing Members’ Shopping Experience or Invading Their Privacy
    Once members understand how loyalty programs use their data, they are generally accepting of the variety of ways their personal and purchase information can be used by loyalty programs to enhance their shopping experience.
  5. Connecting Cryptocurrencies with Loyalty Programs – Where’s the Opportunity?
  6. Amazon’s Influence on Purchase Behaviour



For more information or access the complimentary executive summary of ‘For Love or Money 2018’, download it from HERE.