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July, 2024

Fully chalked. Survey says ‘No more cringe slang’ in comms. What’evs girlfriend. Mic drop

Hello fellow kids, Exclaimer, the email signature management platform, dropped a survey looking at how different generations feel about formality in email marketing. Turns out, brands might need to rethink their email game, ’cause a big chunk of consumers of all ages are vibing with formal language.

According to the survey, 65% of consumers believe brands should not use informal language in email communication. Furthermore, 64% of consumers are likely to lose trust in a brand that uses informal language. Only 20% of consumers think an informal tone of voice positively affects a brand’s image.

The survey also revealed that 33% of Baby Boomers struggle to connect with brands that use informal language. A tailored experience is expected by 71% of consumers, and 76% are frustrated when this is not the case.

Interestingly, the survey found that 65% of participants believe that brand email communications should always be formal. This preference for formality spans across generations, with 54% of Gen Z, 61% of Millennials, 65% of Gen X, and 76% of Baby Boomers preferring formal email communication.

However, the use of casual language and slang can have a negative impact. 44% of consumers believe that casual language is somewhat likely to cause them to lose trust in a brand. Furthermore, 48% of consumers believe that a brand’s image is negatively impacted by using slang and an informal tone of voice in email communications.

The trend of using Gen Z-inspired email sign-offs such as ‘see ya’, ‘peace’ & ‘haha bye’ is viewed as unprofessional by 65% of consumers. Only 2% consider it professional, with just 1 in 5 seeing it as a modern communication method.

“It’s easy for brands to get caught up in trends. With the rise of social media, formality in email communications is no longer an absolute must. However, this freedom can lead to overusing informalities and colloquialisms in a way that can lead to misinterpretation, disinterest, and mistrust. While crafting a unique brand voice is crucial, businesses must also present a formal and consistent brand identity that reinforces a professional image,” said Carol Howley, CMO at Exclaimer.

“Our survey findings underscore the significance of understanding customers’ communication preferences, including formality, slang, and generational lingo. Being mindful of such preferences enables brands to personalize their 1:1 emails effectively to cater to generational needs,” Howley added.

Finally, the survey showed that 2 out of 3 consumers are all about that formal vibe, which could totally shake up how brands slide into their email game. Word.